Background: AGRA is a proudly African-led institution focused on scaling agricultural innovations that help smallholder farmers towards increased incomes, better livelihoods, and improved food security. We understand that African farmers need uniquely African solutions to the environmental and agricultural challenges they face, enabling them to sustainably boost production and gain access to rapidly growing agricultural markets. In short, AGRA’s mission is to transform the lives of smallholder farmers from that of a solitary struggle for survival to a business that thrives.

Since 2006, we have worked with our partners, governments, non-governmental organizations, private sector businesses, and more; to deliver a set of proven solutions to smallholder farmers and indigenous African agricultural enterprises. We put smallholder farmers first on the agenda, recognizing that no country has moved from low income to middle income without agricultural transformation. 

Objective: The purpose of this general procurement notice is to request for firms and individual consultants interested in working with us to express their interest in the different consultancy activities.  

How to Apply:

  1. Qualified consultants/vendors (both firms and individuals) interested in the countries and consultancies listed are invited to submit their expression of interest. Please complete the required information by following this link.
  2. Alongside providing the information requested above, if you haven’t registered on our Oracle SCM system yet, we encourage you to visit our website and complete the registration process via the following link:

Deadline for Applications:
Consultants who are interested are required to furnish the requested information not later than May 15th, 2024.


Note: Only shortlisted consultants will be contacted.