AGRA recognizes the pivotal role of women and youth in agricultural transformation and is committed to achieving an inclusive agricultural transformation. To achieve our goals, we take a systematic, deliberate approach to tackling exclusionary norms and barriers.

Women across the continent experience lower employment in agriculture and 20-30% lower yields than men. In addition, women-led agri-SMEs experience 20-34% lower business profitability versus male-led agri-SMEs. Likewise, despite their growing share of most sub-Saharan African populations, youth participation in agriculture is low. For example, in Burkina Faso and Nigeria, just 2% of youth are engaged in agriculture.

AGRA adopts an intentional approach to inclusivity, systematically identifying and tackling gendered constraints and intentionally investing in the performance and potential of women-led farms and businesses, as well as the entrepreneurial and employment capacity of youth in agriculture.

Our intentional approach on inclusivity

AGRA aims to enhance the development of more inclusive policies and institutions by encouraging governments to build a stronger enabling environment for women and youth.
Through Generation Africa and related initiatives, AGRA aims to increase work opportunities for youth by encouraging youth participation in high-value markets and trade.
Through Value4Her, we improve access to, and provision of, critical services, inputs, mentoring, and networks for women-led SMEs, as well as support them through initiatives to reduce barriers in the broader ecosystem.