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Mali is poised for agricultural transformation. Agriculture is a key pillar of Mali’s Strategic Plan for Poverty Reduction and Breadbasket regions in the Southern part of the country have a relatively stable political climate and strong presence of private sector and development partner. However, food security is a major concern for the Malian government as the country faces high incidences of malnourishment and limited production capacity in much of the country: staple yields remain low, with gaps >60%, and 90% of farmers produce for subsistence
AGRA’s approach simultaneously seeks to support governments in developing and implementing robust national agricultural strategies, while catalyzing change at the system- and farmer-level in the maize, sorghum, millet and cowpea value chains. The strategy draws heavily from lessons learned from AGRA’s past investments totaling ~$20 million in Mali’s agriculture in input systems development, market development and post-harvest management.

    • AGRA will partner with the Government of Mali to support its agropole strategy by driving sector coordination for better performance, co-developing a new agricultural investment plan, and addressing market access and production issues that constrain sector performance
      • The Government requires additional capacity to implement its strategy, develop a national investment plan and coordinate private sector partners, local government, and development partners
      • AGRA was historically involved in the breadbasket strategy, which was not implemented due to political instability; the Government has expressed a desired to reignite this strategy
      • AGRA has engaged the government to address weak market linkages by reforming the input subsidy program and provide much-needed evidence to support policy making
      • Specifically, AGRA will provide support for the following catalytic initiatives that will contribute to the agricultural transformation
      • Address weak market linkages that prevent farmers and commodity handlers from capitalizing on the growing feed industry in Koulikoro
      • Improve limited processing capacity constraining structured market development in Sikasso
      • Improve limited processing capacity constraining structured market development in Sikasso
      • Improve yield gaps in food security crops due to limited access to improved inputs in Segou

Through these initiatives, AGRA is positioned to impact 940K farmers.