Ethical behavior and organizational integrity are central values of AGRA and our cultures. We expect our Partners, which means all our grantees, consultants, suppliers, any parties we have a contractual relationship with and their respective subcontractors, to adhere to equally high standards. This Partner Code of Conduct sets out these expectations and requirements that reflect internationally accepted standards of responsible conduct and in supplement to the standards outlined in our Ethics Policy. This Code is informed by the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, the International Labor Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We recognize that our Partners face unique cultural, legal and regulatory requirements – but we expect all Partners to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the countries in which they operate as well as with US laws and regulations that apply to our organization. Any breach of the obligations stipulated under this Code of Conduct will be considered material breach of contract by the Partner.