AGRA is committed to upholding high ethical standards in its day-to-day operations. We recognize that creating an ethical culture creates long-term value for our organization. The ethical standards set out in this Policy help us attract and retain the best talent and maintain committed relationships with our partners – all of which contribute to achieving our mission that Africa can feed itself and the world. This Policy provides a detailed explanation of standards of operation and behavior to enable our staff make the right decisions in challenging and uncertain circumstances. The Policy also sets out the expectations of our partners and stakeholders. All staff are required to demonstrate their commitment to this Policy by regularly endorsing it. AGRA managers are expected to affirm compliance within their areas of responsibility annually. Our partners are required to comply with the standards of this Policy as part of our mutual engagement. We are committed to the standards outlined under this Policy and routinely monitor compliance and take necessary action where our ethics standards are not met. We continuously review these standards to ensure that they reflect our organization’s values and live up to global best practices. We believe that ethical standards go beyond compliance. To succeed, we foster ethical leadership that involves our leadership modeling the desired behaviors, acting with integrity, leading by example, addressing problems, making ethical decisions, communicating organization values and creating a culture of compliance. In addition, we build relationships and create trust amongst our staff and partners, we encourage openness and dialogue at all levels and are committed to continuous learning and development of habits that reflect the standards of behavior we aspire to attain and maintain. AGRA is committed to providing training to its staff and partners to help embed this Ethics Policy. This Policy also provides an avenue for our staff, partners and stakeholders to report any serious issues they may be concerned about or instances of breach of this Policy.