AGRA’s work in Malawi complements that of the government and its other partners in bringing about an agri-food system transformation. In addition to supporting the Government of Malawi in creating a policy environment that encourages private sector participation in food value chains, AGRA has made investments in systems that give farmers easy access to better inputs, extension and advisory services, more markets, and finance.

AGRA is implementing its Strategy 3.0 (2023-2027) which seeks to catalyze an inclusive agri-food system transformation of Malawi through a competitive agro-processing industry that drives farmer productivity, resilience, and dignified work opportunities particularly for youth/women and vulnerable people. This strategy aligns with the country in achieving the Malawi 2063 vision. The strategy specifically contributes to the first pillar of the initial 10-year implementation plan (MIP-1) – on Agricultural Productivity and Commercialization. 

AGRA works closely with the government of Malawi in the implementation of its programs. As the implementation of this strategy kicks off, AGRA would like to engage experienced and mature technical assistant (TA) to support the delivery of the Strategy in collaboration with AGRA’s key partner, the government of Malawi.