Over the years, AGRA has been supporting governments to champion policy and regulatory reforms that drive inclusive transformation of agriculture and create incentives for increased private sector participation in markets, which increases competition and enhances efficiency. AGRA believes that agricultural sector development in Africa requires appropriate policy and regulatory reforms to create the necessary landscape to achieve sustainable growth. Over the years, governments, development partners and other actors have worked on numerous initiatives to try to address this. Although some good policies have been passed, the challenge remains, are these policies being effectively implemented? One of the principal challenges is that use of evidence and data to guide policy decisions and implementation remains a challenge. This is further compounded by the fact that there is insufficient (and often inadequate) local institutional and individual capacity to consolidate and translate this information to inform policy implementation. to address these challenges, AGRA has partnered with Ganz Africa to help create the next generation of evidence-based policy implementation experts who can support African governments to generate data as well as provide analytics to translate the evidence into implementable policy actions. Ganz Africa and AGRA will implement this initiative by placing policy fellows within Ministries of Agriculture in Rwanda and Kenya, where they will work on existing policies AGRA is supporting as well as new ones, with technical and leadership guidance and support from Ganz Africa and AGRA experienced policy teams. The fellows will also support the ministries to monitor policy implementation progress. In Rwanda, the priority will be to support the design Agricultural Land Rental Market Policy. In pursuit of this objective, AGRA and Ganz Africa are therefore seeking technical services to undertake an initial analysis of land use optimization for agriculture in Rwanda, review the existing land policies and therefore develop a land an agricultural land rental market policy. This will be crucial to policy work in the country and will guide investments and support packages for enhancing efficiencies in the land markets.