The leaders as well as African Minsters of Agriculture collectively committed to prioritize efforts to address and protect vulnerable populations from the worsening food insecurity as a result of the global food crisis, and to strengthen resilience in agriculture and food systems in Africa. The leaders see the urgency to do so as the continent continues to face challenges of food and nutrition security despite the ongoing efforts through implementation of the Comprehensive African Development Programme (CAADP) and Malabo declaration. The latest biennial review report indicated that Africa was not on track to achieve the CAADP goals and target of ending hunger by 2025.  The continental target for bringing down the proportion of the population that is undernourished to 5% or less, by the year 2025 is unlikely to be met by many African countries.

Africa is searching for solutions that will help to accelerate the pace of implementation of the CAADP-Malabo declaration. In 2021 The African countries carried out comprehensive stakeholder dialogues that ended up with the design of game-changing solutions to transform their food systems to attain their goals in the CAADP Malabo declaration. AGRA is supporting African countries in this journey and this assignment is one of activities the organisation is doing in support of countries.

The purpose of this assignment is for the Consultant to support the Governments of Tanzania, Kenya, and Burkina Faso to develop a comprehensive and multi-year Food Systems Strategy tailored to their own unique contexts and priorities, as well as an Investment Plan that shall provide them with a high-level guide on the priorities, resources, and coordination mechanism required to operationalize their food systems transformations in practice.

The assignment will be divided into two phases. The first phase will focus on supporting Tanzania as per the Terms of reference indicated below, while the second phase will focus on supporting Burkina Faso and Kenya based on the generic TORs indicated in Annex 1. The TORs for phase two will be updated in due course to include country context. The changes will not affect the scope of work significantly; therefore, AGRA is inviting the intended consultants to submit bids for the two phases.

Terms of Reference for Phase 1: Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP) II mid -term evaluation, re-planning and updating to accommodate ongoing initiatives and other relevant national agendas