1. Background

AGRA a is a not-for-profit organization working with African governments, other Development Partners, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the private sector and African farmers to improve the productivity and incomes of resource poor smallholder farmers significantly and sustainably in Africa.  AGRA’s overall goal is to grow Africa’s food systems and recognizes the central role of governments in achieving inclusive and sustainable food systems.

The Agribusiness Dealroom is a matchmaking platform that connects investment opportunities in African agriculture and agribusiness to investors and financiers. It does so by working with governments and companies on investment readiness, convening investors and capital seekers and supporting follow up and transactions to ensure deal flow. The primary objective of the Dealroom is to deliver on new investments and business commitments. A secondary objective is to increase awareness on and mobilize support around the specific interventions required to deliver investments.

The 2022 Agribusiness Dealroom mobilized over 300 SMEs looking to raise appropriate finance and forge business to business partnerships to grow their businesses. The Dealroom also supported 15 governments with sector coordination, project prioritization and preparation, investment mobilization and investment promotion.

2. Objective of the consultancy

The Dealroom Consultant will support the platforms work in investment mobilization with a strong emphasis on knowledge, communications, monitoring and reporting.

3. Scope of Work
  1. Support data collection and evaluation of Dealroom interventions over the past five years
  2. Design and disseminate surveys to collect relevant stakeholder feedback from the 4,600 delegates at the Agribusiness Dealroom
  3. Database management, analysis, and outcome reporting on the Dealroom interventions
  4. Prepare impact reports and case studies across the Dealroom pillars.
  5. Execute the Dealroom communications strategy including procuring and overseeing vendors.
  6. Maintain updated Dealroom collateral including website, virtual platform, and publications.
  7. Prepare presentations, reports and concept notes for communicating the Dealroom platform to a wide range of stakeholders.
  8. Virtual community management including design and execution of monthly engagement events.
  9. Physical event management support at the AGRF.
  10. Serve as the front office for Dealroom queries and support.
  11. Investment research on emerging trends on agriculture investment, new investment funds, country contextualized barriers to investment
  12. Serve as the administrative coordinator of technical working groups at the Dealroom.
  13. Additional duties as may be assigned to support capacity needs of the division.
4. Deliverables
  1. Dealroom outcome report showcasing impact and reach of the Dealroom past investments.
  2. Gap analysis and opportunities report to inform intervention design.
  3. Updated and robust data management system
  4. Ten impact case studies
  5. 30% increase in external engagement with Dealroom channels and content
  6. 30% growth of community membership and 90% retention of community members in the virtual platform
  7. >75% user satisfaction rating of the Dealroom virtual platform and the physical dealroom space at the AGRF
  8. 75% partner engagement rating
5. Timelines

The consultancy will work for 15 days in a month over a period of twelve months and the consultant will quote a daily rate.

6. Reporting 

The consultant will report to Agribusiness Dealroom lead, Strategic Partnerships Division.

7. Copyright 

All materials / documents arising out of this consultancy work shall remain the property of AGRA.

8. Required Qualifications, experience, and competencies.

1. Qualifications

  1. Broad understanding of agricultural productivity, agribusiness and/or value chain programs
  2. Strong understanding of investments and the investment landscape
  3. Master’s in business, Economics, Finance, Engineering, or bachelor’s degree in similar fields with at least 7 yeas relevant experience
  4. Demonstrated experience in investment pipeline development and portfolio management.
  5. Fluency in English with fluency in French as an added advantage

ii. Competencies

  1. Strategic thinking and analytical skills
  2. Strong presentation skills with knowledge of tools such as PPT, Canva
  3. Strong research skills and ability to synthesize large sets of information.
  4. Strong understanding of investments and the investment landscape
  5. Planning and Organizing: Devises plans of action with explicit paths and measures of accomplishment for self and/or others and allocates suitable resources so that objectives are achieved. Strong administration skills
  6. Results driven and attention to detail: ability to deliver in a short time span, high level of accuracy, attention to detail and thoroughness. Ability to maintain a timely and efficient workflow.
  7. Communication and interpersonal relations: Exceptional communication skills and ability to represent AGRA externally at high levels. Demonstrates ability to maintain lasting, healthy, and effective one-to-one working relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders etc.
  8. Intercultural sensitivity and effectiveness: Demonstrates ability to cross and bridge different racial, cultural, or business cultures. This requires and is exhibited by personal experience of international or cross-cultural business with improved achievements.
  9. Teamwork: Demonstrates productive drive in working with peers, partners, consultants, and others to achieve pre-targeted and measurable business results.
9. Evaluation Criteria

Interested individuals shall be evaluated against the following technical criteria:

  1. Consultants Academic and professional Qualifications………………………………………..20%
  2. Relevant academic qualifications as per section 8 above.
  3. Experience of the consultant……………………….………………….………………………………………40%
  1. Meet requirements as outlined under competencies.
  2. Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments carried out.
  1. Strong presentation skills with knowledge of tools such as PPT and Canva………………10%
  2. Consultant’s methodology, work plan and understanding of the assignment…………. 30%

      Total Score……………………………………………………………………………………………………….100%


  • Selection Method- Individual Selection
  • Minimum technical score – 75%
10. Application Submission Requirements 

a) Technical Proposal

  1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  2. Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments carried out
  3. Demonstrate possession of qualification and experience required.
  4. Provide methodology, work plan and understanding of the assignment not exceeding 5 pages. Any supporting documents may be attached as annexes.

b) Financial Proposal 

  1. The consultant shall provide a financial proposal for carrying out the assignment. Use the templates provided in annexes A, B and C for the financial proposal. You may modify where necessary.
  2. Reimbursable costs if applicable shall be quoted separately.  These will be reimbursed based on actual cost incurred.
  3. Professional fees shall include the applicable withholding tax.
  4. If the financial proposal is silent on taxes, AGRA shall assume that these are inclusive.
  5. Prices must be quoted in USD ($). Contracting will be in USD and bidders are encouraged to have a USD bank account.
  6. The financial proposal shall be sent as a separate attachment and MUST be password protected.
 11. Guidelines for Preparations and Submission of Proposals 
  1. The proposals SHALL be submitted to by deadline indicated in the synopsis
  2. The proposal and ALL Attachments submitted via email SHALL NOT exceed 10MB.
  3. VALIDITY of the proposal shall be for a period of 90 days from the date of bid closure.
  4. Financial proposal shall be sent as a separate attachment and MUST be password protected. The password shall be requested from the best technically qualified individual.