AGRA’s strategy for Uganda

Considering that Uganda is a perennial surplus food producer with potential to meet deficits of neighbouring countries and beyond, AGRA’s entry point, therefore, is to build inclusive and competitive markets through value addition and trade. This is pretty much in line with Uganda’s National Development Plan III (2020/21 – 2024/25) which focusses on Agro-industrialization and value addition for job creation while also emphasizing increased production and productivity through agro-input usage and mechanization. Considering the increasing effects of climate change in Uganda, AGRA is cognizant of their potential negative impacts which can impede attainment of the desired transformation. As such, AGRA is hugely intentional in building the resilience of smallholder farmers to withstand such challenges. Some of the efforts being considered include introduction of mechanization and irrigation in production systems while also harnessing digital and financial services to enable farmers access such technologies. Other proposed interventions inclu