AGRA was established in 2006 to work with partners to catalyze an inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa. It strives to transform smallholder farming from a solitary struggle to survive to a business that thrives in country’s food systems. AGRA puts smallholder farmers first on the agenda, recognizing that no country has moved from low to middle income without agricultural and food systems transformation. Since its inception, AGRA has completed two important investment cycles. Through the current strategy (AGRA 2023-2027), AGRA intends to influence and leverage its partners to build a robust enabling environment where private sector thrives, and all smallholder farmers are empowered to produce sufficient and healthy food. To achieve its ambitious goal, AGRA seeks to contribute to three interrelated and interdependent strategic objectives that are to: i. Empower and build resilience of smallholder farmers ii. Support the development of inclusive markets to improve functional agricultural systems iii. Build state capability to sustain agricultural transformation. In meeting the above objectives in the African Continent, AGRA will focus its work around four business lines: (i) Inclusive Markets and Trade, (ii) Seed Systems (iii) Sustainable Farming, and (iv) Policy and State Capability which fit together into an integrated whole and drive synergies with one another. Three selected cross-cutting areas which include Inclusivity (Women & Youth), Climate Change Adaptation and Nutrition shape AGRA work to ensure we are building sustainable food systems and delivering impact to farmers in an inclusive manner.