By AGRA Content Hub

AGRA participated in the Beans is How global launch, an ambitious campaign mobilised by the SDG2 Advocacy Hub to double the global consumption of beans (as well as peas, pulses and legumes) by 2028. Eating beans is an affordable, accessible solution to the world’s growing health and climate challenges. The seed for the initiative was planted at the AGRF – Africa’s Food Systems Summit in Rwanda, during a Presidential dinner hosted by President Kagame.

AGRA also was in panel discussions to explore how the climate-resilient African crops (e.g. Sorghum, Millets, Teff, Fonio, Cassava) could be promoted and integrated in the wider food systems, given their high nutrient density and resilience to climate risks and infertile soils.  There has been a call for research investment, value addition and improved market linkages.