By AGRA Content Hub

The Agribusiness Deal Room is a year-round matchmaking platform at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) with the aim of catalyzing new business deals, partnerships and commitments. It hosts agribusinesses on the continent, providing an investable pipeline to a wide range of investors. In addition to access to finance, it also provides companies in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors with mentorship, partnership and market entry solutions to support their growth objectives. The Agribusiness Deal Room also positions governments to present investment opportunities, promote investment incentives and engage with interested investors and other stakeholders.

The Agribusiness Deal Room supports enterprises and governments through a combination of in-country project preparation, pipeline development, project bankability, investment promotion, and an enabling policy environment. The Agribusiness Deal Room facilitates substantive transaction-centered dialogue and connections amongst key stakeholders including enterprises, farmers, governments, investors, financial institutions, NGOs and development partners. Deal Room activities are year-round and driven by eight main and interrelated components.