AGRA’s June Food Security Monitor finds multiple shocks are disrupting agricultural farming systems in sub Saharan Africa

Published monthly, AGRA’s Food Security Monitor focuses on developments and changes that impact on regional food trade in each of AGRA’s 11 focus countries and the follow-on implications for food security. 

Findings from the June Food Security Monitor include:

·       The multiple shocks in many parts of the continent are causing severe disruptions to agricultural farming systems with devastating impacts on affected populations.

·       The continued food price spikes in some parts of the continent demonstrate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and containment measures on food and nutrition security in Africa.

·       The continued disruption of food distribution and trade activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for countries to reduce their import dependency and increase domestic food production to ensure self-sufficiency.

The June Food Security Monitor is available here.  

About the Food Security Monitor

The Food Security Monitor provides information about changes in climate and other environmental factors on food production and implications for food trade as well as food and nutrition security; review of government interventions that impact on food trade (domestic and regional); and an overview assessment of the prices of main food staples and the food security outlook in the AGRA focus countries in East, Southern and West Africa. We welcome feedback to Charles Nhemachena, cnhemachena [@]