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Participants expressed cautious optimism that despite the impact of COVI-19, Nigeria’s ag sector is ensuring access to quality food at prices people can afford

AGRA’s webinar, “Securing the 2020 cropping season in the face of COVID 19 Pandemic”, held on June 4, 2020 brought together experts in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape to share their perspectives on  the impact of COVID 19 on Nigeria’s agriculture sector. The discussion brought together representatives from the donor community, government and the private sector. The session was led by Dr Abdulkadir Muazu, Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and was moderated by Dr. George Bigirwa, Deputy Vice President, Program Innovations and Delivery – Technical, AGRA.  Participants noted that early actions taken by government and the private sector  included the provision of free good quality seeds to farmers, innovative financing mechanisms for farmers, social supports, and the classification of inputs as essential important in the upcoming planting season. They also discussed provision extension and advisory services, roles of women  and the support the development partners for effective post COVID response. As a result of these actions, participants were cautiously optimistic that Nigeria’s ag sector  is able to continue providing access to quality food at prices people can afford, while ensuring that farmers and the private sector can still make money. 

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