By AGRA Content Hub

AGRA is pleased to release the “Africa Agriculture Status Report 2020,” with the theme, “Feeding Africa’s Cities.”

Africa’s cities currently provide the largest and most rapidly growing agricultural markets in Africa. Out of total urban food sales of roughly US$200 to US$250 billion per year, over 80% comes from domestic African suppliers. In the coming decades, demographic projections forecast rates of African urbanization as the highest in the world. Today — and even more so tomorrow — Africa’s rapidly growing cities and food markets offer the largest and fastest growing market opportunity available to the continent’s 60 million farms. One-half of these farms involve young people, contrary to widely held perceptions. AGRA and partners core commitment to smallholder agriculture must now focus on urban food markets, to position domestic suppliers as competitive, responsive and safe; to provide the right signals and inputs to those markets; and continue growing opportunities for young people in the agriculture sector.

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