AGRA is an alliance led by Africans with roots in farming communities across the continent. We understand that African farmers need uniquely African solutions designed to meet their specific environmental and agricultural needs so they can sustainably boost production and gain access to rapidly growing agriculture markets.

We are catalyzing an inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa by increasing incomes and improving food security for 30million farming households in 11 focus countries by 2021.

Since 2006, we have worked with our partners across Africa to deliver a set of proven solutions to smallholder farmers and thousands of indigenous African agriculture enterprises. The alliance has built the systems and tools for Africa’s agriculture; high quality seeds, better soil health, access to markets and credit, and coupled by stronger farmer organizations and agriculture policies.  

“Established in 2006. African-led, African based institution transforming smallholder agriculture from a solitary struggle to survive into farming as a business that thrives.”

Our Integrated Approach

All of our work is centered around smallholder farmers in mind. With the many challenges they face and if we address them all at once, farmers can efficiently cross a threshold. Production improves and with a dependable place to profit from their surplus, the smallholder farmers hard-earned progress is sustained without external country support.