The Business of Smallholder Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa report received support and guidance from many contributors whom I acknowledge. Daudi Sumba and Adam Gerstenmier provided overall leadership for the development and production of the Report. Peter Hazell provided the technical support to this publication in addition to co-authoring Chapter 1 and 7. Special gratitude is extended to Dr. Kanayo Nwanze immediate former President, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and 2016 Africa Food Prize Laureate, and AGRA Board Member, who authored the Foreword. We appreciate the support the team received from the AGRA President Dr. Agnes Kalibata, who also authored the Preface. I also acknowledge all the other institutions represented in this publication for their contributions (AfDB, AGRA, BEAT Africa, CIMMYT, Grow Africa Initiative, IFC, IFPRI, Michigan State University, SAGCOT, The Imperial College, and The World Bank). I extend our gratitude to the project coordinator, Jane Njuguna, assisted by Josephine Njau, and to Anne Marie Nyamu, who provided overall editorial support. We also thank AGRA staff and the Internal Steering Committee Members (Agnes Kalibata, Adam Gerstenmier, Daudi Sumba, David Maingi, Boaz Keizire, Sean De Cleene, Jane Njuguna, Josephine Njau, and Anne Thuita) for providing input and logistical support for the production and launching of the Report. We greatly appreciate the input provided by Waiganjo Njoroge.

I thank all the people and institutions that we may not have listed who provided support in various ways towards the production of this Report. A special thank you to the following chapter authors and contributors:

Chapter 1
Why an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation is Africa’s Way Forward
Peter Hazell (Independent Researcher)

Annex 1
Operationalizing the Typology of Small Farm Households
Peter Hazell (Independent Researcher), Stanley Wood (BMGF), Melanie Bacou (Consultant) and Bhramar Dey (BMGF)

Chapter 2
Business Pathways to the Future of Smallholder Farming in the Context of Transforming Value chains
Ousmane Badiane and John Ulimwengu (IFPRI)

Chapter 3
Engaging the Agribusiness Sector in Inclusive Value Chain Development: Opportunities and Challenges
David Tschirley, Thomas Reardon, Steven Haggblade, Thomas S. Jayne, Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, Titus Awokuse, Milu Muyanga (MSU), Anne Wangalachi (Grow Africa Initiative) and Austin Makani (SAGCOT)

Chapter 4
Strengthening Financial Systems for Smallholders
Panos Varangis (IFC), Rong Chen (IFC), Toshiaki Ono (The World Bank), Hedwig Siewertsen (AGRA), Atsuko Toda (AFDB) and Rachel Sberro-Kessler (The World Bank)

Chapter 5
Creating Resilient Value Chains for Smallholder Farmers
Gordon Conway (Imperial College London), Ousmane Badiane, Katrin Glatzel (IFPRI), Erik Chavez and Samrat Singh (Imperial College London)

Chapter 6
A Policy Agenda for Achieving an Inclusive Transformation of Africa’s Food Systems
Adesoji Adelaja (MSU), Joseph Rusike (AGRA), John Ulimwengu (IFPRI), Mabel Hungwe (BEAT Africa), Steven Haggblade (MSU), John Herbert Ainembabazi (AGRA) and Franklin Simtowe (CIMMYT)

Chapter 7
Conclusions and Recommendations
Peter Hazell (Independent Researcher) and Jane Njuguna (AGRA)

Valuable comments and suggestions were provided by the following peer reviewers: Ademola Braimoh (The World Bank), Boaz Keizire (AGRA), Calvin Miller (formerly FAO), Carlos Cuevas (University of Washington), Ephraim Chirwa (University of Malawi), George Bigirwa (AGRA), John Lynam (Consultant), John Macharia (AGRA), Joseph Devries (AGRA), Kostas Stamoulis (FAO), Marco Ferroni (Syngenta), Martin Evans (Agriprojects Consulting), Nick Vink (Stellenbosch University), Prabhu Pingali (Cornell University), Richard Jones (AGRA), Ronald Ajengo (AGRA), Shenggen Fan (IFPRI), Simeon Ehui (The World Bank), Simon Maxwell (ODI), Steven Haggblade (MSU), Thomas Jayne (MSU), and Willis Kosura (University of Nairobi).

The Report also profited from an AGRA-sponsored writeshop Convening held on 11–12 April, 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya, that brought together the main authors and invited thought leaders. We appreciate all those who attended the writeshop and contributed to the production of the report.

Finally, I thank Kristina Just for the design and layout of the report. Data tables were compiled and prepared by Jane Njuguna (AGRA) and Josephine Njau (AGRA), and reviewed by Alice Thuita.

The Africa Agriculture Status Report 2017 is an important accomplishment and I am grateful to all those who helped make it possible. I hope the Report serves as a useful contribution to the understanding of the role of commercialization of smallholder farmers in agricultural transformation in Africa.


Daudi Sumba
Head, Monitoring & Evaluation/Knowledge Management,