Our aim is to invest in projects that can have measurable impact and can create meaningful, transformative change in the agriculture sector.

Our approach in grant-making means that nearly all the organizations that we fund are identified and contacted by Program Officers. Intensive and collaborative planning between AGRA and the institutions it has identified generally precedes the awarding of grants and is an integral step in its grant-making.

Grants Eligibility

Determining whether you are eligible to apply for and receive AGRA funding is critical. If you are not eligible for a specific funding opportunity, you would waste time and money completing the application process when you cannot actually receive the grant. When considering eligibility, the first step is to know what type of organization you represent (refer to categories listed below). AGRA makes awards only to those organizations that have been determined to possess the operational capability, technical expertise, adequate internal controls and experience to implement AGRA transformative agenda. AGRA’s aim is to invest in projects that have measurable impact and can create meaningful, transformative change in the agriculture sector in Africa.

AGRA grantees should fall into one or more of the following categories;


Not for Profit Organizations

Seed Companies

Universities & other Educational Institutions


Financial Institutions

Farmer organizations

Market / Farmer produce board

Private sector organizations

National Research Institutions

How to Apply

AGRA undertakes demand driven Interventions that leverage donor, private sector, and government investments in agriculture. AGRA areas of intervention include Seed Supply, fertiliser value chains, farmer awareness, Markets, finance and Capacity building. Potential grantees are identified through open and competitive processes. This entails sensitizing current and potential applicants on the dates of the next call for proposals through various communication and sensitization channels such as advertisements in media, quarterly review meetings and project launches, especially in the geographical regions or grantee categories where the response to calls is found to be low. A Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Applications (RFA) and Request for Concept Notes (RFCN) are the official announcement to the public of the solicitation for grants applications. RFAs and RFCNs are usually posted on the AGRA website as well as on other suitable media. All applications must be emailed or submitted online at rfcn@agra.org quoting the request (RFA/RFCN) reference. Consortia applications are submitted jointly by all partners. This should be cleared indicated on the cover page.