AGRA Partnerships

Convening Giant

In its role as the go-to partner for agriculture transformation in Africa AGRA continued to attract the interest of major private sector players interested in engaging smallholder farmers. Companies extended their participation in AGRA’s ongoing consortium activities, while others sought opportunities to scale existing partnerships.

Bayer's ongoing alliance with AGRA Nigeria, training farmers in vegetable cultivation through the community-based advisor (CBA) network.

UPL's introduction of the Gigaton Carbon Goal Initiative at AGRF 2022, aiming to decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide by 1 billion metric tonnes by 2040. Alongside FIFA Foundation, UPL is determined to exceed its Net Zero commitment by 2040, incentivizing farmers to adopt sustainable methods and sequester carbon.

Wilmar's innovative initiative in Tanzania to buy rice by weight, ensuring fair compensation for farmers based on production.

During the Bridge year, in the absence of specific funding, AGRA focused on nurturing partnerships anchored in programmatic and institutional relationships. As a result, several companies began promoting their technologies using AGRA-supported VBAs. In the upcoming year, AGRA plans to strategize ways for these companies to magnify the impact of their innovations.