Grants and Resource Mobilisation


Million (USD). Amount awarded during review period


Million (USD). Amount disbursed as grants


Million (USD). Amount allocated to bridge initiatives

During the review period, AGRA successfully awarded investments, consultancies, and sub-awards totaling approximately USD 33.3 million. The majority of new grant commitments were absorbed by Programme Innovation and Delivery (86%). Throughout the year, AGRA disbursed USD 15 million, with regional grants and country grants accounting for 30% and 31% respectively. The grant process was optimized, improving turnaround time from 60.2 days to 41 days. Additionally, AGRA allocated USD 2.5 million to bridge initiatives supporting new business lines and enhancing existing investments, with a strong focus on strengthening last-mile delivery systems and carbon financing. These efforts align with AGRA's strategy for 2023-2027.