Gender and Inclusion

Building on the gender and youth inclusivity progress made in 2021, AGRA’s goal for 2022 was to enhance our influence by refining the design of thematic programmes, and the tools and methodologies utilised for engagement.

Our work was organised into three primary bands:

Inclusivity in AGRA’s Workstreams

  • Address systemic barriers for gender, youth, and disadvantaged smallholder farmers.
  • Seed Systems incorporates gender indicators to identify access gaps for female farmers.
  • Policy and State Capability team develops gender-equal agricultural policy assessment.
  • Sustainable Farming aids female village-based advisors with a gender strategy.

Women in Entrepreneurship and Markets

  • VALUE4Her platform growth: from 2,072 members in 2021 to 3,009 in 2022.
  • Plans to transform VALUE4Her: match-making, growth of women's businesses, increase investment, achieve platform sustainability, and expand to seven countries.
  • Women to Women Supply Chain Programme (WOW) launched in 2021: supports women in supply chains at various levels.
  • ARISE's refined training focuses on investment processes and offers a management toolkit.
  • VALUE4Her Women Agri-preneurs of the Year Awards recognized outstanding female agripreneurs at a summit in Rwanda.

AGRA's Gender-Responsive Programming

  • Conducts deep analysis on youth employment and empowerment.
  • Examines government policies and strategies to develop a comprehensive strategy from a continental perspective.