New Direction

From 2023, AGRA is launching a five-year strategy to enhance Africa's food systems, focusing on the initial two Sustainable Development Goals related to poverty, hunger, nutrition, and equitable livelihoods. Considering climate change, our strategy will emphasize sustainable agriculture and nature-positive methods. Our primary role is to be a catalyst, aiding governments, civil society, and the private sector. We aim to impact 28 million farmers in 15 African countries, aligning with both global goals and local needs.


Million. No. of farmers aimed to be impacted across Africa


No. of African countries to be impacted

We've organized our activities into four business lines:

Policy & State Capability

Strengthening government leadership, policies, and capabilities for a conducive environment

Seed Systems

Boosting crop productivity through quality seeds to enhance income and food security.

Sustainable Farming

Helping farmers establish resilient farming systems for sustainable yields and profits.

Inclusive Markets & Trade

Developing inclusive agri-food markets to stimulate commercialization and reinvestment.

Cross-cutting focuses include climate change, nutrition, and inclusivity. Strategies will be implemented to involve women and youth more inclusively. Emphasis will also be on climate-resilient food systems and nutritious crop diversification. Execution will depend on robust collaborations and alignments with the Malabo CAADP framework for accountability. AGRA will collaborate with Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) and other partners for optimal results.