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This year’s AASR arrives at an important time, as African governments are charting clear pathways to food system transformation in the context and aftermath of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.

Joachim van Braun – Professor for Economic and Technological Change, Bonn University, Germany President of the Pontifical Academy of Science, The Vatican


The Africa Agriculture Status Report 2021 (AASR21) provides evidence and insights on the prospects of achieving resilience and sustainability in Africa’s food systems. The Report identifies immediate actions and steps that African governments, Pan-African organizations, development partners and the private sector need to take.

Dr. Agnes Kalibata – AGRA President & Envoy to the UN Food Systems Summit

Chapter 1

Overview: Building Sustainable and Resilient African Food Systems

Chapter 2

Towards Resilient, Sustainable, Transformed African Food Systems: Conceptual Framework

Chapter 3

Growing impacts of shocks on Sub-Saharan Africa’s agri-food system and the mitigating role of resilience

Chapter 4

Opportunities for Building Resilience of African Farming Systems

Chapter 5

Achieving Resilience in Downstream Agri-Food Systems

Chapter 6

The Codependence between Nutrition, Resilience and Sustainable Food Systems

Chapter 7

Knowledge and Capacity Development for Resilient Agri-Food Systems in Africa

Chapter 8

Capturing the Synergies Between Youth livelihoods and Resilient Agri-Food Systems

Chapter 9

The Missing Link: Understanding the Role of Social Protection in Fostering Sustainable Food System Transformation in Africa

Chapter 10

An Action Plan for Building Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Africa