JUNE 2021

Emerging Results

2017 - 2020


AGRA’s vision since 2006 has been to drive inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa by changing the lives and livelihoods of smallholder farmers. In our first decade (2007 – 2016), we sought to break down the barriers limiting farmers from accessing the inputs needed to boost productivity. Starting 2017, we took it a step further and began investing in multiple levels of the agricultural ecosystem, with a focus on increasing smallholder productivity through strategic partnerships and a strengthened capacity by governments to deliver. This report highlights the impact of our work at the farmer and national levels. The report also covers the impact on agricultural systems and strategic partnerships.

Impact on

Smallholder Farmers

While we do not work directly with smallholder farmers, we work at the national and systems level to improve opportunities that ultimately lead to better outcomes at the farm level.

Impact on

Agricultural Systems & the Private Sector

Our investments in transforming agricultural systems, oriented primarily around private sector firms that must thrive to serve farmers.

Impact on

Country-Led Agricultural Transformation

We know that strengthening state capabilities and policies will incentivize private businesses to invest, which will lead to better-functioning systems that serve smallholder farmers.

Case Study

AGRA provided grant support to strengthen state capability across multiple areas in Burkina Faso’s “One Million” Presidential Rice Initiative, which is projected to increase rice production by four-fold to 1 million metric tons.

Impact on

Strategic Partnerships

We began building intentional partnerships as a core element of our strategy in 2017. We now leverage our deep network and continental presence to help foster catalytic partnerships that bring new capital, expertise, and technology into agricultural systems.

Impact on

Gender Inclusivity

In our early years, we took a “gender-neutral” approach to our interventions. Recognizing that this was not enough, we have made a conscious shift to focusing on opportunities and agency for women – as business owners and as the heads of profitable farms.
3.5 Million

No. of women reached with improved technologies and extension services from 2018 to 2020


Percentage of all Village-Based Advisors in Kenya, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso that are women


Number of women-led seed companies supported by AGRA


Number of women agrodealers supported by AGRA

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