The overall objective of the Women2Women Supply Chain (WOW) innovation grant is to catalyze, incubate, and consolidate the approach for women to women supply chains, to reach women micro- entrepreneurs and/or women farmers. AGRA stands to benefit from the knowledge developed from the pilot to further hone its approach on women to women business networks while cascading the benefits from established women’s businesses who are beneficiaries of VALUE4HER to those that are not yet beneficiaries of the program.

The women to women supply relationship will leverage, connect, and integrate all women from micro, meso and macro levels of agribusiness, to create market opportunities that serve women from the higher tier to the lower tier of agribusinesses.

To connect 20 women top tier SMEs on the VALUE4HERConnect platform with approximately 400 women nano and micro-entrepreneurs, through a supply relationship

To pilot these women’s supply integration to develop knowledge and insights on women to women market linkages.

To develop coaching and mentorship/role modelling support between women’s business leadership at the different tiers of relationship, to create the incentive to trigger growth ambitions among women agribusinesses.

To contribute to the expansion of voice and advocacy outcomes for the VALUE4HER platform through proof of concept that enhances the visibility of the performance of women entrepreneurs.