Our Leadership

Governance & Leadership

Frank N. J. Braeken

Co-Chair, Finance & Human Resources Committee

Prof. Joachim von Braun

Co-Chair, Programs Committee

Josette Sheeran

Co-Chair, Finance & Human Resources Committee

Fred Swaniker

Board Member

Dr. Judith Rodin

Chair, Nominations and Governance Committee

Rodger Voorhies

Board Member

Dr. Usha Barwale Zehr

Chair, Audit Committee

Adam Gerstenmier

Chief of Staff & Strategy

Dr. Joe DeVries

Vice President, Program Development & Innovation

Dr. Lindiwe Majele

Vice President for Policy and Strategic Partnerships

Paul Tikani

Chief Operating Officer

Vanessa Adams

Vice-President, Country Support and Delivery

Victoria Sabula

General Counsel & Corporation Secretary

Lilian Nyang’aya

Chief Finance Officer

Yamfwa Chinyanta

Director, Human Resources and Administration

Dr. Fadel Ndiame

Regional Head, West Africa

Mehrdad Ehsani

Head of Markets & Post-Harvest Management

Dr. George Bigirwa

Head, Seed Research and Development

Daudi Sumba

Head, Monitoring and Evaluation

Jennifer Baarn

Head of Partnerships

Thierry Ngoga

Head of Country Support

Boaz Keizire

Head of Policy and Advocacy

Dr. Paul Seward

Head of Extension & Capacity Building

Hilary Tororey

Head of Internal Audit

Ignatius Mutula

Head of Grants


Muvunyi Frank

Head of Procurement


Hedwig Siewertsen

Head of Inclusive Finance

Dr. Rebbie Harawa

Head of Soil Fertility & Fertilizer Systems


Anne Maria Makhulo

Head of Strategy & Analytics

Alice Mwaisaka

Head of AGRF