Training boosts farmer’s entreprise

Trainings promoted by the Agência Adventista de Desenvolvimento e Recursos Assistenciais  (ADRA) – an AGRA grantee – have changed the life and the business approach of Raison Chauluka, an agrarian entrepreneur operating in Mocuba district of Zambezi province, the central region of Mozambique.

In 2018 Chauluka attended two training sessions hosted by ADRA. “I learnt how to manage a serious and productive business, managing both my inputs and harvest storage capacity. The training gave me the tools need to implement my ongoing campaign,” said Chauluka.

Chauluka 41 years studied industrial engineering, but fell in love with farming and he now runs a agro-dealership in Gúrué in 2015. He has expanded his business with sales outlets in Mocuba (headquarters), Gurué, Namarrói and Milange.

He has increased his staff complement with the employment assistants and putting in place of a system to reduce stock theft of agricultural inputs on sale at his business.

Before the training of ADRA his activities were done without clear procedures and was all illegal. The ADRA training sessions covered product information and customers, demonstration fields, among others.

“The partnership brought by ADRA has helped us greatly in the vision of how to grow and sell quality products”.

In a more common perspective Chauluka believes that agrarian dealer cannot only be concerned with winning but working to give the farmers basis to produce in large quantities.

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