The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is an African-led alliance focused on putting farmers at the centre of our continent’s growing economy. AGRA advances uniquely African solutions to sustainably raise farmers’ productivity and connect them to a growing marketplace. Together with its partners—including researchers, donors, African governments, the private sector, and civil society—AGRA seeks to create an environment where Africa feeds itself.  

AGRA works with African governments, other donors, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the private sector and African farmers to significantly and sustainably improve the productivity and incomes of resource poor smallholder farmers in Africa.  AGRA’s overall goal is to catalyze and sustain an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa to increase incomes and improve food security of at least 30 million smallholder farming households with a set of targeted catalytic downstream and systemic investments coupled with government engagement made through its alliance of partners. 

The Partnerships Unit’s (PU) role is to develop and scale partnership intervention models that support private sector led agriculture development and mobilization of (private) investments in the AGRA’s key value chains. In addition, the unit supports AGRA in positioning itself as a preferred partner for private sector led agriculture development, and a leading initiator, convener and catalyst of multi-stakeholder partnerships that drive transformation.

For 2019/2020 the unit has identified the following priorities:

  • Work with government-mandated and critical investment institutions to strengthen their capacity to mobilize & facilitate inclusive private sector investments into agriculture.
  • Establish and leverage relationships with strategic and large-scale private sector actors
  • Establish and manage multi-plex partnerships to leverage resources and scale existing efforts (including country partnerships). A key examle is the The Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA).
  • Support AGRA’s country level delivery of value chain enhancing partnerships

AGRA is seeking to procure the services of a consultant to deliver on a structured engagement with respective partners and to execute and track the performance of key initiatives and deliverables.

Objective of the consultancy:

The main aim of the consultancy is to strenghten the operational management of the partnership team’s on-going and planned initiatives. A second objective is to support the identification and execution of partnership opportunities, most specifically the generation of proposals. A third objective is to manage the tracking and reporting on partnership’s development. Fourthly the consultant is expected to establish and manage a relationship management framework of key partner relationshiops.

The consultant will report to the Head of Partnerships, and will work closely with the other members of the PU team and relevant staff in various teams.

The Scope

  • Country level Mapping. Liaise closely with AGRA’s Country Heads and in-country partnership officers to map in-country opportunities and the delivery of private sector led regional and country-level partnership strategies and plans
  • Co-design in-country interventions.Translate partnership opportunities into concrete in-country  activities, by supporting the design, award process and  execution of partnership related grants, technical assistance, third party funding proposals and other investments such as procurements (including but not limited to: support paperwork preparation, edit contracts, presentations, reports, and other communications)
  • Relationship management support. Develop and manage the relationship management plan of the Unit, including partner engagement and follow up on a country level; track and maintain a partnership and relationship database.
  • Follow up and tracking. Follow up on partnerships initiatives, deliverables, reports, contracts, consultants, and other commitments and requests for information with associated communications as needed
  • Reporting. Generate reports on AGRA’s performance in regional and country level private sector and partnership engagement
  • Event management. Coordinate and organise key partnership meetings and support the tracking follow up tasks and commitments. Support the designing, planning and delivery of AGRA partnership events, including activities at the Annual Green Revolution Forum.
  • First responder to general requests. Maintains an in-depth knowledge of the Partnership Unit, responding and/or re-routing general requests for information, electronic and oral communications and facilitation, liaison with other offices of AGRA and representative from other institutions.

Expected Deliverables

The consultant will be required to produce the following main outputs:

  • Generate a mapping and regular status report of all in-country partnership opportunities
  • Effective and efficient follow up of tasks and requests for at least 25 key in-country partnerships initiatives
  • Monthly updated partnership tracker, relationship database and updated tracker of AGRA’s performance in regional private sector and partnership engagement
  • Generate monthly and quarterly performance and tracker reports for internal and external reporting
  • Write and coordinate at least 6 partnership grant proposals and relevant grant memos
  • Effective and efficient coordination of the PU team’s calendar and activities including meetings and meeting reports
  • Support the Dealroom secretariat and event in the AGRF predominantly by managing the profiling, invitation and registration process of key partners for the dealroom
  • Effective support on the designing, planning and delivery of 3 AGRA partnership events

It is critical to note that the PU already has templates, structures and databases in place, the consultant is mostly expected to actively follow up and translate information into opportunities and opportunities into concrete actions and projects.

Reporting arrangements

The consultant shall report directly to the Head of Partnerships Unit, who will designate a contact Partnership Program Officer to coordinate the activity on day-to-day basis. The consultant is expected to spend significant time (90%) within the AGRA office to directly interface and engage with relevant units.

Time frame and fees

The scope of work is expected to be completed over a period of 150 days. 


The proposal should include:


  • Understanding and interpretation of the TOR
  • Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment
  • The technical proporsal should be comprehensive yet brief max 5 pages in word or 10 pages in powerpoint.


  • Consultant’s preferred daily rate in US Dollars

Personal Capacity Statement

  • Relevant experience related to the assignment. Private Sector experience is a must, investment experience is preferred. Experience with generating grants and/or investment proposals is preferred
  • Appropriate references (At least 3 references from recent clients in the past 3 years)
  • Curriculum Vitae

Evaluation Criteria

There shall be a two step evaluation process. The first step will be on a pass/fail basis and will be based on the following:


  • Demonstrated experience in carrying out similar assignments, including one’s ability to manage complex xls databases;
  • Consultant’s profile;
  • Submission of consulant’s CV and certificates;
  • Consultant’s affordability

A detailed technical evaluation to qualify the consultant for the second interview round.

The consultant shall be selected on the basis of his/her proven experience, qualifications and ability to deliver high quality outputs in a timely and efficient manner. The proposal shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Specific experience of the Consultant  relevant to the Assignment: [55%]
  • Adequacy and quality of the proposed methodology, and work plan in responding to the Terms of Reference (TORs):
  • Technical approach and methodology:                   (30%)
  • Work plan:                                                              (15%)

Total weight for criterion (B):                                               [45%]

TOTAL SCORE FOR ROUND (A) AND (B)………………… [100%]

Note that consultants  that do not fulfil above requirements will not be technically assessed.


The consultants with the highest scores will be invited for a 45 minute interview with the relevant team members at the AGRA office.

During the interview the consultant will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Relevant experience and understanding of the assignment                   15%
  2. Fit with the Partnership’s Unit and AGRA in general                               20%
  3. Critical thinking                                                                                        20%
  4. Ability to work independently                                                                  20%
  5. Articultation and presentation                                                                 25%

There will be an equal weight between step one and step two for a final assessment.

The proposal should include:

  1. A description of the assignment elements and summary of the scope of the assignment. The consultant should indicate how their experience and skills with regard to the scope of the proposed assignment. (Not more than 3 pages).
  1. CV conforming to the qualifications listed above for persons to manage and conduct the assignment. Only CVs strictly relevant to the assignment shall be accepted.
  2. Daily fees rate.

Procedure for application:

Interested parties are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals (ensure the two are separate documents and the financial proposal is password protected). The documents should be submitted to: procurement@agra.org by 5:00pm East African Time on 18 October 2019

For more information on AGRA kindly visit the website: www.agra.org