Consultancy task: To prepared policy communication products from policy studies AGRA has commissioned in Tanzania, which will involve proofreading and revising final reports, writing abridged versions of the reports and formatting to high quality final branded communication products

1.1. Background
AGRA seeks to catalyse inclusive and sustainable Agriculture Transformation that transforms smallholder agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, competitive and sustainable system. An important area of intervention for AGRA is the Policy and Advocacy work, and AGRA is working with government of Tanzania, the private sector, and with policy coalitions such as the Policy Analysis Group (PAG) to coordinate policy and regulatory reforms. Effective policies and regulations can catalyse and accelerate the food and agriculture systems transformation required to reach any goal of sustainably reducing hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. A good business-enabling environment is underpinned by effective policies and regulations that provide incentives for agribusinesses and farmers to invest in agricultural value chains. The blueprint developed by the government of Tanzania and the private sector represent an effort to enhance the business enabling environment through addressing problem policy and regulations that deter investments into the agribusiness.

AGRA strategy for intervention in the policy and advocacy arena involves grant making to government and private sector agencies to monitor and coordinate policy and regulatory reforms, and commissioning of technical economic and legal studies to generate evidence required for demonstrating justifications for specific reforms. Overtime, AGRA has produced a number of reports from these studies. However, AGRA requires broadening the reach of these reports by packaging them into appropriate communication products that are accessible to different audiences in government, the private sector, and development partners. The recent Independent evaluation of AGRA’s signature Policy project, the Micro Reforms in Africa Agribusiness Project (MIRA) noted that AGRA’s policy work could have been more impactful if communication of its work was enhanced. The evaluation found that the communication of AGRA’s policy work is weak and need to be enhanced. In the last couple of years of AGRA’s work in Tanzania, the following products have been produced.

(i) An economic assessment of government incentives needed to promote wide scale utilization and local manufacture of hermetic storage technologies
(ii) Consultancy services to AGRA on agricultural reforms in Tanzania
(iii) Economic Impact Assessment Services for Agribusiness Reforms in Tanzania
(iv) Rapid assessment of methodologies of structuring functional food balance sheets:
(v) A Tanzania Focus
(vi) Improving Generation of Data for Informed Policy Decision on Food Crops Exports
(vii) Improving Operational Linkages among Key Institutions with Roles on Food Security and Food Trade in Tanzania
(viii) National strategy for climate change adaptation and resilience of dryland agriculture

The assignment will involve proofreading and revising final reports to clean up errors, and produce final copies in correct style and format ready for publication. In addition, the work will require preparing abridged versions of the report that condense the report into digestible information without losing the essential content of the report.

1.2. Objectives of the Assignment
The overall objective is to clean up the reports by proofreading and formatting the reports into high quality final products ready for dissemination to AGRA’s diverse stakeholders and partners, and to prepare abridged versions of the reports by condensing the essential information and recommendation into high quality branded publications that appeal to the target audience. AGRA expects the consultant to cover the following:
i. Review, proofread and revise AGRA final policy reports and produce high quality error-free final reports
ii. Prepare abridged versions of the reports by condensing the information and recommendations into summary documents
iii. Format the final reports and abridged versions to conform to the high standard required for technical reports
iv. Brand the end products using the guidelines and templates provided by the AGRA Communication unit

1.3. Scope and approaches of the consultancy
We expect the consultant to carry out the following tasks:
• Obtain the final policy reports from the last three years (About 8 in total as listed above) and clean them up from errors and format them to high standard
• Review the final clean reports and prepare abridged versions that summarize but retains key findings and recommendations
• Brand the final reports and the abridged versions using the guidelines and templates from AGRA communication unit

1.4. Outputs/Deliverables
i. Clean final proofread and revised policy reports
ii. Concise abridged versions of the reports that condense the information into digestible content without losing the key content and recommendations of the original main reports
iii. Reports and abridged version of the reports in the recommended AGRA templates available at the AGRA communication unit
iv. Reports and abridged version of the reports in a final form and style consistent with high quality formal technical reports/publications

The consultant will submit all deliverables in English, and these deliverables will be succinct and informative to the target government and industry audiences.

1.5. Outcome
i. AGRA policy communication products have reached a large audience and are influencing policy and regulatory discourse and reforms in Tanzania and other countries
ii. Policy and advocacy work at AGRA has high visibility