Request For Expressions Of Interest: Mapping Staple Crop Market System Development Initiatives in East, Southern & West Africa

In undertaking market systems development work, AGRA recognizes the various efforts by other development partners. In light of this recognition, AGRA seeks to deepen understanding of the landscape as regards commodity market/value chain initiatives, both to support governments and these development partners to move towards a common vision, and to structure its interventions in a manner that enhances leverage and additionality.

Request For Expressions Of Interest: Co- generation of knowledge briefs for the financial inclusion program (FISFAP) in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana

The aim of this call is to engage individual consultants who are going to work with the FISFAP program officers and the FISFAP partners to co - generate learning briefs which can be disseminated in form of blogs and knowledge papers.

Request For Expressions Of Interest: Payroll Service Provider

In 2017 AGRA embarked on on a new strategy where AGRA has decentralised operations into 11 countries in Africa where AGRA is either hosted by other institutions or have office presence. In 4 of the countries,  i.e. Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. AGRA has adopted a non-hosted, hosted or hybrid model. AGRA currently has 29 staff in those countries and the number is continuing to increase. AGRA is seeking to find an cost effective way of supporting this critical function.