RFP: Value4her Program Strategy Consultant – Burkina Faso

Synopsis of the Request for Proposal (Individual Consultant)

Solicitation Reference No.RFP/159/PDI/2021
Title of SolicitationValue4her Program Strategy Consultant – Burkina Faso
Issuing Office & AddressAlliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Website:
Point of contact for clarifications, questions and ammendmentsAGRA General Procurement,
Email Address for submission of Proposals/ QuotesAGRA General Procurement,
Solicitation Issue DateOctober 14th , 2021
Deadline for submission questions and clarificationsOctober 25th  , 2021 1700 hours, East African Time
Deadline for Answering questions and clarificationsOctober 27th , 2021 1700 hours, East African Time
Deadline for Submission of ProposalsOctober 29th  , 2021 1700 hours, East African Time  

Please include the subject line “RFP/159/PDI/2021- Value4her Program Strategy Consultant (Burkina Faso)” of the email
Type of consultantIndividual Consultants Only are eligible to bid
Submission and Evaluation CriteriaBidder are encouraged to register as a vendor via the link provided below and provide the listed information in the submitted proposal:  

Mandatory pre-registration documents:
1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Copy of ID/Passport  

Mandatory Eligibility Requirement:
– Detailed Curriculum Vitae including at least 3 referees
– Copy of academic certificate
– Copy of your passport or National Identification Card

Evaluation Criteria summary:
1. Qualifications…………………………………………..20%
– Relevant academic qualifications
2. Experience of the consultant……………………………..……..50%
– Meet requirements as outlined under competencies  
– Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments carried out
3. Consultant’s methodology, work plan and understanding of the assignment………………………………………………………….30%

NB: Only the candidate with the best technical proposal equal or above 75% shall be considered for financial negotiations  

Terms of Reference

Consultancy title: Value4her Program Strategy Consultant (Burkina Faso)


The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), is a farmer-centred, African-led, partnerships-driven institution that is working towards transforming smallholder farming from a solitary struggle to survive, to a business that thrives. In collaboration with its partners—including African governments, researchers, development partners, the private sector and civil society— AGRA’s work primarily focuses on smallholder farmers – men and women who typically cultivate staple crops on two hectares or less. AGRA has learned a lot from efforts during its first decade and is now recognized across the continent as a strong voice for African rural development, a prosperous agricultural economy, and for supporting thousands of small African businesses and millions of African families to improve agriculture as a way to ensure food security and improve their livelihoods.

AGRA’s goal is to catalyse an inclusive agricultural transformation on the African continent by increasing incomes and improving food security. With an initial focus on 11 countries, the goal is to improve the lives of over 30 million female and male farmers throughout Africa.


AGRA recently revamped its gender and inclusion strategy, to be bold, ambitious, and more intentional in its approaches towards inclusive agriculture transformation. Specifically, AGRA’s gender and inclusion work aims to achieve three principle purposes:

  • Enhancing women’s equitable access to agricultural resources and to their share of benefits from agricultural transformation by addressing gendered barriers.
  • Enhancing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth in agriculture through profitable business models, business development services and attractive technologies in agriculture. 
  • Reinforcing public policies, strategies, and investments to enhance equity of opportunities in agriculture while boosting accountability and shared prosperity for disadvantaged groups.

AGRA works with governments, private sector, and development partners, while investing in catalytic interventions that will lead to systemic change in agriculture and market systems.

As a convener of actors in the staples sector, AGRA Burkina Faso is seeking contract experienced, knowledgeable and well networked Business relationship officer or SMEs business booster specialized in working with women with capacity to enhance Women SME’s business model to be more performant and attractive. He / She will most likely be graduates with interest and experience in the agriculture and agri-business sector and be excited about contributing to the development of Burkina Faso women SMEs, allowing them to be more competitive in the African and worldwide market. This will be also a strategy that places the Agriculture sector at the center of discussion in relevant fora (public, private and academia) and support Africa’s agenda to solving food insecurity by 2030.


VALUE4HER is AGRA’s continental program, aimed at strengthening women’s agribusinesses enterprises and enhancing their voices and advocacy across Africa. The program initially developed under CTA – The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation, then transferred to AGRA, under a mutual agreement, at the close of CTA’s mandate. 

The VALUE4HER program is powered by VALUE4HERConnect, Africa’s first Women in Agribusiness digital marketplace. VALUE4HERConnect offers integrated business solutions to women owned/led companies, to enable them to build visibility, business networks and collective capital across the continent, while facilitating easier connections with buyers, financiers and other service providers. The platform connects women agribusinesses from across Africa together with one another and with key markets actors with the aim to increase the performance of women’s agribusinesses through market access, financial access, as well as improved knowledge and skills acquisition, The tools of networking, mentorship and improved capacity building lead agribusinesses towards increased growth. VALUE4HERConnect leverages the power of digital tools to bridge structural and gendered gaps in access to business resources, deliver real time information, offer relevant knowledge, and amplify women’s voices through advocacy.  As a first of its kind for women in agribusiness in Africa, the digital intelligence platform offers a revolutionary approach to addressing systemic market barriers that affect the performance of women led agribusinesses.

AGRA seeks to grow the VALUE4HER program and the digital marketplace, to be a one- stop-shop for women agripreneurs’ integrated business growth needs. 


AGRA Burkina Faso seeks the services of an Individual consultant, to consolidate lessons and support the scaling of the VALUE4HER program in Burkina Faso. The scope of work involves putting in place an implementation framework for VALUE4HER for Burkina Faso while getting the Country VALUE4HER membership and sub portal up and running.

The consultancy tasks and expected outputs are listed below:

  1. Analysis of key partners in Burkina Faso, alongside the pillars of VALUE4Her, including women networks, finance actors, market actors, training providers, equipment providers etc
  2. Develop this into an implementation framework/plan that ropes in these key partners
  3. Roll out key actions like BF talk corner, Top100 club, VALUE4HER rising stars (for female youth) etc
  4. Mobilising women membership and partnerships membership to the BF portal.
  5. Consolidate a short concept/proposal for women entrepreneurship business case for donor engagements in Burkina Faso
  6. Support women SMEs Develop business proposals and help identify suitable funding opportunities both domestically and from external sources (ABC Fund, competitiveness proposal, etc.)
  7. Support communication efforts on the initiative for a broad reach
  8. Document the process, write report


The consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs:

  1. Output 1: A max 5-page inception report, detailing among others the understanding of the assignment, methodology to be used, detailed outputs and a workplan
  2. Output 2: A detailed database of women SMEs and Key partners (finance actors, market actors, training providers etc…) to support and supporting toolkit for to be discussed and approved
  3. Output 3: Monthly report detailing results tracking on services provided to women
  4. Output 4: Communication support and at least three success stories of women entrepreneur
  5. Output 5: Designed sub portal for Burkina Faso network and Activating women membership and partnerships membership to the portal.
  6. Output 6: Lead Value4Her program at country level


The consultant will be supervised directly by AGRA’s Head of Gender and Country Manager.


This assignment will be for a period of four months



  1. Experienced BDS (Business Development Services) provider.
  2. Knowledge of gender issues.
  3. Ability to build capacity and train various stakeholders.
  4. Knowledge and/or familiarity with the country’s geography and willing to travel/trek to the women project sites located in remote part of the country.
  5. Ability to work well with Government officials and community personnel.
  6. Strong and demonstrated capacity for organization, management with excellent reporting and coordination skills.
  7. Strong leadership, technical competence and professional skills for timely implementation, coordination and management of activities.
  8. Ability to work in a team, develop synergies and establish effective working relations with various stakeholders.

Key Competencies

  1. Proficiency in both written and spoken French and English. On local language is an added advantage
  2. Strong interpersonal and communications skills, resourcefulness, initiative, tact and ability to cope with any situation.
  3. Excellent communication, analytical and writing skills.
  4. Stakeholder engagement skills
  5. Workshop facilitation skills.
  6. Demonstrated ability to deliver quality results within strict deadlines.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Qualifications & Competencies……………………………………………………………………..20%
    – Relevant academic qualifications as indicated above
  2. Experience of the consultant…………………………………………………………………………50%
    – Meet requirements as outlined under competencies
    – Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments carried out
  3. Consultant’s methodology, work plan and understanding of the assignment…….30%

NB: Only the candidate with the best technical proposal equal or above 75% shall be considered for financial negotiation

Application Submission Requirements

A. Technical Proposal

  1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  2. Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments carried out
  3. Demonstrate possession of qualification and experience required
  4. Provide methodology, work plan and understanding of the assignment

B. Financial Proposal

  1. The consultant shall provide a monthly fee for carrying out the assignment
  2. All applicable taxes (withholding taxes) should be quoted separately
  3. The financial proposal shall be inclusive of the applicable withholding taxes. If the financial proposal is silent on taxes, AGRA shall assume that these are inclusive.
  4. Reimbursable costs if applicable shall be quoted separately.
  5. Price must be quoted in USD ($)
  6. The financial proposal shall be submitted separately from the technical proposal and should be password protected. Only the best candidate shall be requested for the password to their financial proposal.

Guidelines for Preparations and Submission of Proposals

  • The proposals SHALL be submitted to by deadline indicated in the synopsis
  • The proposal and ALL Attachments submitted via email SHALL NOT exceed 10MB
  • VALIDITY of the proposal shall be for a period of 90 days from the date of bid closure.
  • Financial proposal shall be sent as a separate attachment and MUST be password protected. The password shall be requested from the best technically qualified individual

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