RFP: Provision of Taxi and car hire Services to AGRA

Synopsis of the Request for Proposal (Consultant Firm)

Solicitation Reference No.RFP/057/HR&ADMIN/2022
Title of SolicitationProvision of Taxi and car hire  Services to AGRA 
Issuing Office & AddressAlliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)Website:
Point of contact for clarifications, questions and ammendmentsAGRA General Procurement, 
Email Address for submission of Proposals/ Quotes AGRA General Procurement, 
Solicitation Issue Date5th  May 2022 Local, East African Time.
Deadline for submission questions and clarifications13th May 2022 5:00PM East African Time.
Pre-bid conferenceTentative: May 17th, 2022 2:00PM East Africa Time
Interested bidders are requested to register on the link below by April 28, 2022 2:00 PM EAT.

A Microsoft Teams link for the pre-bid meeting will be shared with bidders who will have registered.

For Registration Link click: HERE 
Deadline for Answering questions and clarifications18th May 2022 5:00 PM, East African Time.
Deadline for Submission of Proposals23rd May 2022 5:00 PM, East African Time.
Please include the subject line “RFP/057/HR&ADMIN/2022” of the email
Anticipated Award TypeFramework Contract Agreement
Submission and Evaluation CriteriaBidder Must provide the below listed information
Mandatory Eligibility Requirement
1) Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
2) Valid TAX Compliance certificates
3) Provide a list of vehicles owned/leased by the company summerizing type,registration number, year of manufacture and vehicle ownership.(See attached Template)
4) Confirmation of availability of online tools for both booking & security management
5) Audited accounts for the last 3 years
7) Evidence of existence of operational offices including base stations, vehicle recovery & support including a 24-hr. dedicated support service
7) List of clients  
Evaluation Criteria
Stage 1: Compliance to Mandatory requirement ……. Pass/Fail
Stage 2: Compliance to technical requirements on capacity to deliver the contract…………………………….……………………………………70%Stage3: Financial Evaluation…………………………………..30% Stage 4: Due Diligence
1) Weigtage of Technical Evaluation 70%
2) Weigtage of Financial Evaluation 30% 
Only bidders who score 75% or above in Technical Evaluation will be considered for financial review. 



The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA, is a not-for-profit organization working with African governments, other donors, NGOs, the private sector and African farmers to significantly and sustainably improve the productivity and incomes of resource poor smallholder farmers in Africa. AGRA aims to ensure that smallholder farmers have what they need to succeed: good seeds and healthy soils; access to markets, information, financing, storage and transport; and policies that provide them with comprehensive support. Through developing Africa’s high-potential breadbasket areas, while also boosting farm productivity across more challenging environments, AGRA works to transform smallholder agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, sustainable and competitive system, while protecting the environment.

Under its recently refreshed strategy AGRA will make investments in three new components: 1) Catalyze an agricultural transformation in key agro-ecological zones on the continent, 2) Unlock the value of private and public sector investments to sustain agricultural transformation, and 3) Develop capacities and capabilities that will strengthen and sustain the foundation for African agricultural transformation in the future

AGRA’s mission is to catalyze an agricultural transformation in Africa through innovation-driven, sustainable, productivity increases and access to finance that improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

AGRA’s overall vision of success is centered on two headline goals to achieve by 2021 through its efforts to catalyze, convene, and align with an alliance of partners and grantees:

  • Double the incomes of at least 30 million farm households through productivity improvements and access to markets and finance.
  1. AGRA will hold itself directly accountable for 9 million farm households through the direct activities of grantees and partners in its first program in 6 countries to lay the foundations of an agricultural transformation.
  1. Through partnerships with the private and public sector in this second program, AGRA will contribute to the wellbeing and livelihoods of 20 million farm households in countries where an agricultural transformation is already under way but needs to be sustained.
  • Ensure all focus countries are on a pathway to attain and sustain an agricultural transformation through sustainable agricultural productivity growth and access to market and finance.

Pursuant to the above highlighted, AGRA would like to engage a qualified Taxi and Car Hire service provider for provision of Taxi and Car Hire Services to AGRA.


The purpose of this request for proposal is to identify and engage a specialized Taxi and Car Hire service provider for AGRA who will be contracted under a Framework agreement for a maximum of three years renewable annually. Through the taxi and car hire service provided, AGRA will obtain the most competitive, qualified, responsive and high-quality service, representing the best value for money, for all of AGRA taxi and car hire requirements. The service provider should have a performing fleet with experienced personnel and management to provide AGRA with taxi and car hire service that represents cutting-edge technology, processes and systems for the benefit of its users.


The Terms of Reference and Scope of Services shall include but not be limited to the details specified herein.

  1. Provision of Taxi and Car Hire services to AGRA staff in any or majority of the Counties.
  2. Confirm availability of VVIP & VIP vehicle including security & chase cars(Not Mandatory)
  3. Hire of Executive vehicles – For functions hosted by AGRA including but not limited to Annual symposiums & Meetings
  4. Hire of large team transfer vehicles – For functions hosted by AGRA including but not limited to Annual symposiums & Meetings
  5. Assign clean and comfortable vehicles with valid PSV license, and comprehensive insurance cover.
  6. Assign clean road worthy, sober and well-behaved drivers with valid driving license and Certificate of Good Conduct.
  7. The driver shall always be smartly dressed while on duty.
  8. The vehicle must bear the contractor’s official logo or name.
  9. The Taxi rates shall hold and remain firm during the contract period.
  10. Provide security tools including and not limited to vehicle tracking, SOS alert response and security back up services.
  11. Must have fully operational approved seat belts, and speed governor as applicable in transport regulations in force.
  12. Ability of firm to maintain and demonstrate Covid-19 protocols & Health and safety for AGRA 
  13. Ability to provide offsite vehicle recovery for all classes of vehicle
  14. Provide online interactive booking & customer management tool for both car hire & taxi services (If available)
  15. For non-online platform (voucher based) the following will be required:
  • Before starting the journey, the Taxi user must record the following in an official Taxi Services Order (Taxi Voucher): –
  1. Date of taxi hire
  2. The registration number of the taxi
  3. Speedometer reading at pick up point
  4. Speedometer reading at dropping point
  5. Time logs for pick up and drop off
  6. Waiting time
  7. The name and ID of the Taxi driver
  8. The location of departure
  9. The destination of the journey.
  10. Request Number
  • Invoices shall be submitted with copy/copies of the Taxi Service Orders (vouchers), duly endorsed by the user for settlement. The invoice amount shall be based on actual mileage & time and the applicable rate for the category of vehicle used.
  1. For online platform, the users shall electronically confirm the journey and the parameters in 16 above shall be computed by the vehicle’s GPS based tracking system. Invoices shall be submitted with copy/copies of the Transactional statements/parameters and applicable costs.
  2. Thirty (30) days credit terms will apply

  The bids received shall be evaluated in the stages detailed below:

StageEvaluation CriteriaScore
Technical Evaluation
Stage 1.Compliance to Mandatory requirement   Pass/Fail
Stage 2.Compliance to technical requirements on capacity to deliver the contract. 70%
Financial Evaluation
Stage 3.Financial Evaluation 30%
Stage 4.Due Diligence
  1. Stage 1: Mandatory requirements

The following mandatory requirements must be met not withstanding other requirements in the RFP

Table A: Mandatory Requirements Checklist

1Copy of Registration Certificate /Certificate of Incorporation 
2Valid tax compliance certificate/Pin Certificate 
3Valid Comprehensive insurance, logbooks & PSV Licenses for fleet of vehicles owned by the firm (attach document).
4Audited accounts for the last 3 years
5Evidence for operational offices including base stations, vehicle recovery & support including a 24-hr. dedicated support service
6Online tools for both booking & security management – Share link/Screenshot/s 
7List of similar assignments carried out including at least five (5) Corporate clients, date and budget.
  1. Stage 2: technical evaluation on capacity to deliver the contract 

Refer to Table B detailed evaluation Requirements. 

Bidder must demonstrate conformance to the all the technical specifications and requirements.

Table B: Criteria for evaluation

1Firms must have had 5+ years’ experience with corporate firms and NGO’s
Firms should submit references from five corporate clients detailing contacts.
Bidders shall also provide information on contract values and a description of the service performed.
Copy 10
2Academic Qualification of 2 key account management Staff must be Degree or Diploma holders Copy 10
3Experience of 2 Account Management Staff be above 5 years Copy 10
4Financial average turnover of audited account be above 3 million or must obtain from a bank (attach) Copy 10
5Firms must demonstrate the Capacity of fleet size- (Owned or Leased) shall be above 30 vehicles (Share list of fleet size)Copy 10
6Firms are requested to provide evidence of ownership/lease agreement of the vehicle)Copy10
7Evidence of at least 20 PSV Drivers employed or contracted (Share list of PSV Drivers)Copy 10
8Evidence of recommendation letters for provision of Taxi service from at least 3 similar organizationsCopy 10
9Safety of services -Provide documentary evidence that the vehicles are PSV comprehensively insured with the cost of the premiums paid for the vehicles for each policyCopy 10
10Evidence of Automated online Taxi service request system Link/ Screenshot10
11Provide evidence for Covid-19, health and safety compliance and first aid training/ fire training for staff – attach certificatesCopy10
12Capacity to deliver – Firms must have at least three Base stations within Nairobi and a network reach across the country (including major airports)10
13Describe how they will provide the services i.e. the Capacity of thecompany to deploy the vehicles to the cities, other towns & Countries (if applicable) and mode of management.
Indicate the no. of vehicles deployed to each city and Country (if applicable)
14Estimated response time10
Total Score140
  1.  Stage 3: Financial Evaluation 

Only bidders who score 75% or above in Technical Evaluation will be considered for financial review. 

  1. Financial evaluation shall involve checking completeness of financial bids. 
  2. The Procuring entity shall offer award to the bidder with the most reasonable rate and that meet the technical requirement 
  3. AGRA at its discretion may prequalify additional firms that meet the technical requirement with the most reasonable rates. 
  4. The Rate to be used for comparison is rate/cost per KM, AGRA will negotiate the rest of the rates with the best firm

The bidders must select the area of coverage within which they must have evidence of capacity to provide quality services. The proof of capacity shall be confirmed through physical verification.

Price schedule 

  1. Area of coverage

Bidder MUST select the area of coverage within which they have capacity to provide Taxi services

Table C: Area of coverage

COUNTYSelect with a tick (√) 

The schedule shall be filled for each area of coverage selected by the bidder. (MANDATORY)

  1. SHEDULE 1:Taxi Services – LOT 1

AREA OF COVERAGE: …………………….…………….

All quoted prices must be inclusive of VAT and in Kenyan Shillings (KES)

Table D: Taxi Services

GrpCategory of vehicle /ccMax sitting capacity(PAX)Minimum Fare ChargeCancel action chargeCost per KM½day hire (4 hrs.)Full day hire (8 hrs.)
Saloon Car above 1600 – 2000 cc4
Executive Saloon Car (Mercedes Benz or equivalent) 2000 – 30004
Seven (7) Seater Toyota Alphard, Noah, Voxy etc.)7
Station Wagon (Pajero, Prado, etc.)7
Nine (9) seater Safari van (Toyota Hi-ace, Nissan Urvan etc.)9
25 – 32-seater minibus (Mitsubishi Rosa, Nissan Civilian, Toyota Coaster etc.)25-32
Hard Body Land Cruisers (for Park Tours)
  1. SHEDULE 4: VIP, VVIP & Long-Term Hire – LOT 2 

AREA OF COVERAGE: …………………….…………….

All quoted prices must be inclusive of VAT and in Kenyan Shillings (KES)

Table F:  VIP, VVIP (Short & Long-Term Hire)

GrpCategory of vehicle /ccMax sitting capacity(PAX)Minimum Fare ChargeCancel action chargeCost per KM½day hire (4 hrs.)Full day hire (8 hrs.)
Limousines e.g.Mercedes class C & Class E, BMWs
Utility vehicles (e.g.Land cruisers Hard Topand Land cruiser Prado
Security & chase cars
Provision of long term (3 months) hire of Rav 4 / VanguardXXXXX
Provision of long term (3 months) hire of Saloon CarXXXXX

Financial Proposal; 

  1. Must be submitted using the format provided above.
  2. Price must be quoted in Kenyan Shillings (KES)
  3. All applicable taxes (VAT) shall be included
  4. If the financial proposal is silent on taxes, AGRA shall assume that these are inclusive; 
  5. Financial proposal shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of bid closure
  6. Financial proposal shall be sent as a separate attachment and MUST be password protected
  7. Bidders Must provide complete financial costing for the entire assignment
  8. Half day and full day hire, firm must include the driver
  9. The Rate to be used for comparison is rate/cost per KM, AGRA will negotiate the rest of the rates with the best firm
  1. Stage 4: Due Diligence

To comply with the following check list

  1. Physical visit of the office (Physical inspection)

Existence of physical office – The Procuring entity shall visit the bidder’s premises to confirm the following: – 

  1. Existence of an established office with personnel 
  2. Confirm existence of communication facilities including telephone and e-mail 
  3. Carry out physical assessment of capacity and quality of the fleet and housekeeping 
  1. Client list

Applicants should provide information on the current list of clients and the nature of the engagement. The Applicant should give details of at least five (5) Clients whose nature of business is comparable to AGRA or are of AGRA’s caliber.

Table C: Client list

Name of ClientClient ContactsDescription of contractContract dates
Start dateEnd date

Note: 2 – 3 clients must confirm engagement and satisfactory performance of the services being provided.

  1. Fleet available for use

The Applicant should provide adequate information to demonstrate clearly that it has the capability to meet the requirements of any engagement that may be requested for. Attach certified copies of ownership documents or lease agreement copies to demonstrate access of use.

LOT 1:) Provision of Car Hire Services (Saloon and Vans)

Make /ModelEngine rating CCYear of Man.Current locationState access whether owned or leased
1.       Saloons
2.       Micro vans of nine (9) passenger seating capacity.

LOT 2:) Provision of Car Hire Services – Utility Vehicles (Mercedes, Prado, Land Cruisers, Rav 4, Buses and Minibuses)

Make /ModelEngine rating CCYear of Man.Current locationState whether owned or leased
1.       limousines
2.       Mercedes
3.       Prado
4.       Land Cruisers 
5.       Hard Body Land Cruisers (Including for Park Tours)
6.       Rav 4 / Vanguard
7.       Minibuses (25 – 30 passenger seating capacity)
8.       Buses
  1. Online platform (Optional) 

The bidder must demonstrate the functionality of the system which should not be limited to the following:

  1. Booking
  2. Invoicing
  3. Tracking
  4. Reporting etc.
  5. Insurance 

Bidder must provide evidence of comprehensive insurance cover, validity period and amount insured

  1. Proposals MUST be submitted via email to AGRA General Procurement: on or before the deadline indicated on the synopsis of the RFP
  2. All bidders must use the RFP reference number in the subject line of their email submission.
  3. Technical proposal and financial proposal shall be submitted as separate attachment. 
  4. Neither technical nor financial proposals should exceed 10MB. The firm’s proposal with any subsequent modifications and counterproposals, if applicable, shall become an integral part of any resulting contract.
  5. Proposal must be provided in English Language

Download Full RFP: