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RFP: Development of e-Learning Modules from a Training Manual

Synopsis of the Request for Proposal (Consulting Firm)

Solicitation Reference No.RFP/RN01022/RESILIENCE/2020
Issuing Office & AddressAlliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Website:
Point of contact for clarifications, questions and ammendmentsAGRA General Procurement,
Email Address for submission of Proposals/ QuotesAGRA General Procurement,
Solicitation Issue DateOctober 15, 2020, East African Time.
Deadline for submission questions and clarificationsOctober 22, 2020 5:00 PM, East African Time.
Deadline for Answering questions and clarificationsOctober 26, 2020 5:00 PM, East African Time.  
Initial Deadline for Submission of ProposalsOctober 30, 2020 5:00 PM, East African Time.
Submission and Evaluation CriteriaBidder must provide the below listed information

Mandatory Eligibility Requirement
– Must be an Registered Firm/ Company
– Provide certificate of Incorporation/ Business Registration
– Must submit CV of Key Personnel

Technical Evaluation Criteria
– Past Performance of the Firm/ Company-30%
– Methodology and work plan -30%
– Key Personnel-40%

Evaluation Weightage
– Technical Proposal will be weighted out of 80%
– Financial Proposal will be weighted out of 20%

NB. Only technical proposals with a score of 75% and above shall qualify for opening of the financial proposals

Terms of Reference

Development of e-Learning Modules from a Training Manual


Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)  is currently working in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), on a three-year initiative that seeks to Scale-Up of Integrated Approaches through the use of a value chain approach in scaling-up more environmentally sustainable and resilient practices in food systems in Africa’. The initiative seeks to build capacities of regional and national actors to integrate sustainability and resilience aspects into national and regional value chains and to catalyze action for significant regional value chains to integrate sustainability and resilience practices.

The project operates at a regional level, collating experiences and providing capacity-building support to 12 countries. It is part of a programme that has 12 independently managed country projects that seek to integrate natural resources management in food systems. This project, therefore, forms part of a technical support and capacity building mechanism for these country projects. The project addresses the scaling-up of integrated approaches that seek to create a balance between increased demands on agriculture systems and safeguarding vital ecosystem services; and through this, building resilient and sustainable food systems.

The project strategy is to build capacities of countries through training and knowledge sharing on promoting sustainability and resilience through the management of the natural resources that underpin food and nutrition security.

AGRA and UNDP are promoting the scaling-up of best practices through a ”greening of the value chain” approach, which will leverage on existing work and experiences in agro-food value chains on the continent. To do this, AGRA and UNDP have developed a training manual and toolkit that will be used to deliver a series of regional trainings through an online learning program.

It is against this backdrop that AGRA seeks to recruit the services of a firm to convert/develop an e-learning course from the training manual and to further place the Greening Value Chains e-learning course on an appropriate online learning platform to be accessed widely across Africa by stakeholders who develop and implement projects in food systems development. The contracted firm will also be required to organize and carry out three virtual training sessions, one for each geographical area – Western, Eastern and Southern Africa – for a group of targeted project implementors. The consulting firm will report to AGRA’s Resilience Officer.

Consultancy Overview

The consultancy seeks a company to convert the greening value chains training manual content into an e-Learning course in, English and French, which forms part of AGRA’s implementation of its resilience programme, and UNDP’s contribution towards building sustainability into agriculture value chains. The consultancy will support the Resilience Officer in the implementation of this capacity building training/toolkit on the integration of resiliency and sustainability in agriculture value chains with a particular emphasis on ‘greening’ and private sector involvement for sustainability.

The purpose of this e-Learning course is to deliver this training to a large number of extension services and development agents working with smallholder farmers who are geographically dispersed in the various parts of the continent and also to the project partners and private sector institutions who are directly/indirectly involved in the value chain activities.

The development of the e-Learning course will draw from an existing training manual. It is expected that this process of developing an e-learning course, will use available, proven and cutting-edge pedagogy for the effective delivery of a series of modules in the format of an online self-paced course.

Key characteristics of the e-Learning course and the recommended host platform:

  • Ease of accessibility of the e-learning course (online and offline access)
  • Highly interactive
  • Multi-module
  • Subject and module assessments
  • Final evaluation

Scope of work

  • Content Analysis: together with a selected multi-sectoral team of subject matter experts review the existing structure, learning objectives.
  • Converting content into digital media; draft a storyboard with all the text, interactions, assessments, videos and images. Ensure the course material is suitable/compatible for online learning and aligned to relevant AGRA policies and programmes
  • Feedback provided by AGRA subject matter experts and approval of storyboard
  • Content creation, liaise with the selected platform provider and manage learning technologist(s) and media production providers that are compatible with the e-learning course
  • Deliver and administer a pilot to test the e-learning course through the facilitated delivery of three training sessions

Key Deliverables

  • Deliverable 1: Consultant develops a draft work plan with timelines following an inception meeting – an inception report.
  • Deliverable 2: An outline of the e-Learning Course
  • Deliverable 3: Draft storyboard with agreed modules, assessments, interactive videos and other relevant media
  • Deliverable 4: A complete online e-Learning course on an online drive, cloud etc
  • Assess and select an online learning management system to host the e-learning course
  • Pilot test and prepare the final e-learning programme, ensuring it is ready for launch
  • Produce a final report outlining recommendations


The consulting firm will perform the expected e-course between November and December 2020 and facilitate 3 regional trainings before January 2021.

Evaluation criteria

The below evaluation criteria will be used to select the consultant:

Evaluation CriteriaSub criteria/DescriptionScore
Past Performance of the Firm/ Company– Detailed and specific experience of the firm in undertaking similar assignment.
– Sample work done: Citation (web link) of at least of 3 similar assignments done
Methodology and workplanUnderstanding of the terms of reference that includes:
– Outline of methodology and approach of implementing this assignment.
– Proposed assignment plan that includes clear timelines for the assignment, that demonstrates the understanding of the assignment expectation. (20 points)

Maximum 10 pages
Key PersonnelThe firm must be able to assign a team of specialist possessing the necessary competences, skills and relevant work experience. At minimum the proposed required Key Personnel are; Attach CVs
– Team Lead
– Other Key experts

Technical & Financial Proposal

The consultant shall be selected based on their proven experience, qualifications and ability to deliver a quality product in a timely and efficient manner.

a.       Technical Proposal submission

Taking into account the TOR, the firm should submit a proposal containing the following elements:-

  • Past Performance of the Firm/ Company
  • Methodology and Workplan
  • Key Personnel (attach CVs)

b.      Financial Proposal

FINANCIAL PROPOSAL must be supported with a breakdown analysis and will provide the following information, but is not limited to:

  1. Professional fees chargeable
  2. Breakdown of the fees and disbursements
  3. Price must be quoted in US Dollars (USD)
  4. All applicable taxes (withholding taxes) shall be included. If the financial proposal is silent on taxes, AGRA shall assume that these are inclusive;
  5. Financial proposal shall be valid for a period of 60 days from the date of bid closure
  6. Financial proposal shall be sent as a separate attachment and MUST password protected

How to Apply


  • Proposals MUST be submitted via email to AGRA General Procurement: on or before the deadline indicated on the synopsis of the RFP
  • All bidders must use the RFP reference number in the subject line of their email submission.
  • Technical proposal and Financial proposal shall be submitted as separate attachment.
  • Neither technical nor financial proposals should exceed 10MB. The proposal with any subsequent modifications and counterproposals, if applicable, shall become an integral part of any resulting contract.
  • Proposal must be provided in English Language