Food Security Monitor

October 2021, Edition #19

The goal of AGRA’s Food Security Monitor is to provide an overview assessment of the food security outlook in AGRA focus countries in East, West and Southern Africa, taking into account the movement of prices of main food staples and government interventions that impact on domestic and regional food trade alongside the impact of forecast weather changes and environmental conditions on food security. Our monthly Food Security Monitor is one way that AGRA makes data available to key stakeholders to underpin evidence-based decision-making. Highlights from the October Food Security Monitor are summarised below. In October 2021, the Food Insecurity Hotspots were South Sudan, Burkina Faso and Mali. In East Africa, food security outcomes varied considerably, from IPC Phase 4 (emergency) in the Tigray regions of Ethiopia to IPC Phase 1 (minimal) in the Western and Central regions of Uganda. In Southern Africa, the start of the lean season and depletion of food stocks from own production and harvests among low-income rural households is driving IPC phase 3 (crisis) outcomes in Southern parts of Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique. Meanwhile, the ongoing harvests in West Africa across most parts are driving improved food security outcomes that have seen the region experience a predominately IPC Phase 1 food security outcome.

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