REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Provision of Travel Agency Services to AGRA for a Three-Year Period

Point of contact for clarifications, questions and amendments – AGRA General Procurement,
Email Address for submission of Proposals/ Quotes – AGRA General Procurement,
Solicitation Issue Date – May 19, 2020 Local, East African Time.
Deadline for submission questions and clarifications – May 25, 2020 10:00 AM, East African Time.
Deadline for Answering questions and clarifications – May 27, 2020 5:00 PM, East African Time.
Deadline for Submission of Proposals – June 9, 2020 5:00 PM, East African Time.

Please include the subject line “RFP-0238-HR&ADMIN-2020 TRAVEL AGENCY” of the email
Submission and Evaluation Criteria – Bidder Must provide the below listed information

Mandatory Eligibility Requirement
i. Company Core Business Must be provision of travel management services
ii. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
iii. Valid TAX Compliance certificates
iv. Accredited IATA Travel Agent(s)
v. Audited Financial Statements for the last three years (2017, 2018 & 2019). Highlighting at minimum total sales, total commissions/fees earned for airlines and rail tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals.
vi. Share Sample Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Evaluation Criteria
i. Past Performance of the Firm (20 points)
ii. Organization capacity (30 points)
iii. Resource Management & Quality Control (30 points)
iv. Technical Approach & Methodology (40 points)
v. Proposed Workplan (10 points)
vi. Key Personnel (30 points)
Evaluation Weightage
i. Technical Proposal will be weighted out of 70%
ii. Financial Proposal will be weighted out of 30%

NB. Only bidders who score above 75% on the technical proposal will be considered for financial review.

Terms of Reference for Travel Agency Services for AGRA

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA, is a not-for-profit organization working with African governments, other donors, NGOs, the private sector and African farmers to significantly and sustainably improve the productivity and incomes of resource poor smallholder farmers in Africa. AGRA aims to ensure that smallholder farmers have what they need to succeed: good seeds and healthy soils; access to markets, information, financing, storage and transport; and policies that provide them with comprehensive support. Through developing Africa’s high-potential breadbasket areas, while also boosting farm productivity across more challenging environments, AGRA works to transform smallholder agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, sustainable and competitive system, while protecting the environment.

Under its recently refreshed strategy AGRA will make investments in three new components: 1) Catalyze an agricultural transformation in key agro-ecological zones on the continent, 2) Unlock the value of private and public sector investments to sustain agricultural transformation, and 3) Develop capacities and capabilities that will strengthen and sustain the foundation for African agricultural transformation in the future

AGRA’s mission is to catalyze an agricultural transformation in Africa through innovation-driven, sustainable, productivity increases and access to finance that improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

AGRA’s overall vision of success is centered on two headline goals to achieve by 2020 through its efforts to catalyze, convene, and align with an alliance of partners and grantees:

• Double the incomes of at least 30 million farm households through productivity improvements and access to markets and finance.

  1. AGRA will hold itself directly accountable for 9 million farm households through the direct activities of grantees and partners in its first program in 6 countries to lay the foundations of an agricultural transformation.
  2. Through partnerships with the private and public sector in this second program, AGRA will contribute to the wellbeing and livelihoods of 20 million farm households in countries where an agricultural transformation is already under way but needs to be sustained.

• Ensure all focus countries are on a pathway to attain and sustain an agricultural transformation through sustainable agricultural productivity growth and access to market and finance.

Pursuant to the above highlighted, AGRA would like to engage a qualified Travel Agency for provision of travel management and related services for a period of three years (one-year renewable) hereafter referred to as “Travel Services Provider”.

The purpose of this request for proposal is to identify and engage a specialized Travel Service Provider for AGRA who will be contracted under Framework agreement for a maximum of three years renewable annually. Through the travel service provided AGRA will obtain the most competitive, qualified, responsive and high-quality service, representing the best value for money, for all of AGRA travel service requirements which includes air ticketing, airport transfer, hotel reservation, visa services, travel insurance and related travel services (travel insurance on lost luggage etc.). The service provider should have the most experienced personnel and management to provide AGRA with a travel service that represents cutting-edge technology, processes and systems for the benefit of its travelers.

Scope of Work
The contracted travel agency(ies) will provide a wide range of travel services, but not limited to, and should have the capacity to handle commercial accounts, and the evidence to support this statement.

The travel agent shall provide travel services from 8:00am to 5:30pm. during working days. In addition, they shall provide a 24-hours emergency service, as well as services during weekends and official holidays where emergency travel service is required. At least two of the travel agent’s employees shall always be reachable by cellphone.

The Travel agent shall work alongside AGRA to negotiate for airline discount contracts with major airlines that AGRA frequently uses and ensure that the discount is applied accordingly. Additionally, they shall also assist AGRA to negotiate for special events for bulk discount on airline, hotel and transfers as advised.

The travel agent shall, upon request, facilitate the arrangement of conferences, meetings, seminars and training workshops.

The travel agent shall make accommodation reservations when requested at either AGRA or agent discounted rates. This service shall include initiating and confirming reservations, and confirming the bed and breakfast rate at which the reservation is made;

The travel agent shall assist AGRA in obtaining visas. The assistance rendered shall be end to end. It will include providing and updating a visa information link available for all staff on AGRA frequented countries containing all the relevant visa application information, visa application forms, submission of physical visa application paperwork, visa follow-ups and collection an keeping appropriate records thereon.

The travel agent shall provide transportation services for AGRA members and workshop participants from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and other Nairobi-based airports as necessary, when required.

For ease of tickets issuance, the travel agency will be required to have two staff based at the AGRA offices

The travel team will be expected to read and understand the AGRA travel policy to ensure it is applied and advise AGRA Management on any difficulties in applying the policy if it happens.

A monthly summary (including year to date cumulative figures) of sales, visa, hotel and transfer activity data shall be submitted to AGRA in the form of reports within 10 days of the end of the month. This report will contain detailed analysis of the number of trips, travelers, most frequent city-pairs, carriers used, savings achieved from the carrier’s lowest available fare, costs incurred on ticket changes, savings for early ticketing, lost revenue for late ticketing, agency’s value-add. “Ticket refund” status reports are also required. The report shall also include a hotel, visa and transfers report.

The travel agent shall provide invoices on an ongoing weekly basis and promptly provide statements at the end of each month. Credit notes shall be provided on an ongoing monthly basis to ensure the account is up to date month to month.

Estimated Ticket Sales
AGRA annual 2019 ticket sales were approximately $2.2 Million

Travel Policy

Current travel policy requires the travel agent in all cases to research alternate itineraries (at least three options, if available) in order to provide the lowest appropriate airfares, which satisfy AGRA travel polices and mission requirements. AGRA’s travel policies embody the following basic principles which, at AGRA’s discretion, may be subject to waivers or subsequent revision:

Where available, use of the lowest applicable fare (including penalty fees);

Full economy fares may be used if no appropriate reduced fares are available;

Business class travel or equivalent may be applicable where one leg of the flight is more than 8 hours. However restricted business class should be given preference; and,

The travel agent must be knowledgeable of and prepare to offer special fares, restricted fares, discount fares, and bulk fares for use whenever appropriate. The travel agent shall, where appropriate, attempt to obtain free business class and first-class upgrades for AGRA travelers. Any upgrades should be used mainly for cost-saving purposes.

Facilities to be provided by AGRA
• AGRA shall provide office space, desktops, stationery, office phone, printing and internet facilities to 2 Implanted Travel Assistants at AGRA office in Nairobi.

Qualifications of the successful Travel Agent

The travel agency shall have in its current office all the necessary equipment and facilities and shall employ a sufficient number of experienced and professionally trained travel experts and staff to handle AGRA requirements.

For purposes of accessibility, ease of coordination and efficient delivery of services, AGRA will require at least two implant staff based in its offices. Office space and necessary support to ensure efficient provision of services will be provided to the said staff.

The successful travel agency shall also be required to devote at least three (3) personnel (2 in-house and 1 office based) providing dedicated services to the travel needs of AGRA. Staff must have a minimum of 5 years’ working experience with at least one of the three having 8 years’ experience.

All such personnel will be required to read and be well-versed with the travel policies of AGRA and adopt the same knowledge in the conduct of business and delivery of services to AGRA. The personnel who will be assigned to serve AGRA must be competent employees of the travel agency who will be re-assigned to service AGRA’s requirements on a full-time basis.

The travel agent shall demonstrate a strong back office system that allows for quick and easy reconciliation of accounts.

Reservation and Ticketing
For every duly approved AGRA Travel request, the travel agent shall immediately make bookings on at least three (3) main airlines operating the route and prepare appropriate itineraries and formal quotations based on the lowest fare and the most direct and convenient routing.

Service Standards
The travel agent shall provide polite, responsive and efficient service at all times to fulfill AGRA requirements. As a service objective, telephone calls should be answered promptly. When it is necessary to place calls on hold, they should not be kept on hold for more than a few minutes and call-back, when necessary, should be made within one hour.

Personnel Requirements

The travel agency shall assign adequate personnel to service satisfactorily the volume of work and to fulfil its obligations under the Contract with AGRA. In general, the Travel Agent shall assign the relevant personnel according to their technical know-how and reliability.

The travel agency shall assign a senior representative experienced in providing corporate travel services to oversee the travel management services provided to AGRA and ensure full compliance with all requirements of the Contract and Service Level Agreement with AGRA.

The travel agency’s employees shall perform their functions in a highly efficient and professional manner.

Period of Performance
The Contract(s) shall commence on 1 August 2020 for a period of three years renewable annually based on performance unless terminated earlier by either of the parties as per agreed upon contract terms.