Synopsis of the Request for Proposal

Solicitation Reference No. RFP-0223-Comms-2020
Issuing Office & Address Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Website:
Point of contact for clarifications, questions and ammendments AGRA General Procurement,
Email Address for submission of Proposals/ Quotes AGRA General Procurement,
Solicitation Issue Date June 2nd 2020 East African Time.
Deadline for submission questions and clarifications June 8th, 2020 5:00PM, East African Time.
Deadline for Answering questions and clarifications June 11th, 2020 5:00PM, East African Time.
Deadline for Submission of Proposals June 19th, 2020 5:00PM, East African Time. Please include the subject line “RFP-0223-COMMS-2020” of the email
 Evaluation Criteria Bidder Must provide the below listed information   Mandatory Eligibility Requirement Company profileTrading license or certificate of incorporation TAX clearance certificatesShare at least three reference letters of similar work carried out Evaluation Criteria Organizational Capacity: ………………….. ………………………………. …10%General experience and experience in global communications and media engagement:………………………………………………………….  …20%Proposed methodology and approach criteria: …………………………….30% Experience and Qualification of key personnel: ………………………….40%              Total: ………………………………………………………………………………….100% NB. The minimum technical score shall be 75% Technical weight: 80% Financial weight: 20%


Established in 2006, AGRA is an African-led, Africa-based and farmer-centered institution working to put smallholder farmers at the center of the continent’s growing economy by transforming their farming from a solitary struggle to survive to a business that thrives.

Working in collaboration with our partners—including African governments, researchers, development partners, the private sector and civil society— AGRA’s work primarily focuses on smallholder farmers – men and women who typically cultivate staple crops on two hectares or less.

In the current strategy, AGRA is supporting 11 African countries and 30 million smallholder farm households to increase their incomes and improve their food security. Under this strategy, AGRA will deliver through an approach that simultaneously catalyses change at farmer level, strengthens input and output market systems and puts government at the centre to enable and champion private-sector-led agricultural growth at national level.

Overall Objectives

Conceptualize, produce and disseminate high level communications products in English and French

Deliver regular high quality coverage in top and influential global, pan-African and national media

Position AGRA as the go-to organization and thought leader on agricultural transformation in Africa

Support the production of insightful, reflective, inspiring and relevant content

Provide strategic 360 degrees communications support

Scope of Work and Deliverables

  • Strategy Development

Support the development of a communications strategy

Distil key messages for use in production of major communications collaterals.

Provide guidance on the integration of traditional, emerging and social media for maximum impact.

Conduct regular market research and advise on emerging approaches to optimize media coverage.

Conduct daily media monitoring to identify opportunities for engagement and seize such opportunities for placement of AGRA messages.

Provide support in the conceptualization and development of audio-visual products including story board development, scripting and editing

  • Media Relations Management and Outreach

The overall aim is to build a stronger relationship with top tier global, regional and national media outlets and journalists to increase AGRA’s positive media coverage by about 35-50% above the 2017 coverage:

The agency will:

  • Lead the development of at least 10 high quality editorials and place them in influential traditional and emerging global and regional outlets like the New York Times, Ventures Africa, The Africa Report, CNBC-Africa, Al Jazeera, etc.
  • Lead the development about 15-20 strategic press releases on AGRA’s and African agriculture’s main announcements and moments and place them in influential traditional and emerging global and regional outlets like the New York Times, Ventures Africa, The Africa Report, CNBC-Africa, Al Jazeera, etc.
  • Secure 25 – 30 prime time one-on-one interviews for AGRA experts in major global media. This to include securing spots for AGRA’s experts on continental and global panel discussions on agriculture and offering AGRA experts for comments on emerging agricultural related topics to global media
    • Prepare comprehensive briefing/speaking notes for the experts
  • Provide strategic support in managing international media relations and grow the pool of journalists writing regularly on agriculture from broad perspectives including economic, scientific, social, political and technological.
  • Conceptualize, plan, pitch and manage at least 4 high-impact site visits for international and local journalists
  • Follow up on conducted interviews for filling, tracking of published stories and compiling coverage reports with lessons learned.
  • Key Events and Moments

The agency will provide a complete suite of communications support for key events and moments. There are currently 2 key events – namely The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) now in its tenth year and The Africa Food Prize in its fifth year.

  • The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)

AGRA hosts the secretariat of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the premier agricultural platform on the continent that convenes every year to infuse momentum in the agricultural transformation agenda. AGRF is a partnership of over 20 institutions. Read more about the AGRF at

The agency is expected to produce the following where relevant in English and French:

  • Develop the annual communications plan for the Forum including key messages.
  • Produce key communications collaterals including
    • 15 press releases for Thematic Working Groups, the AGRF Launch and during AGRF.
    • 12 Op-eds –  for Thematic Working Groups, the AGRF Launch and during AGRF.
    • Brochures.
    • Newsletters – one for each quarter and a daily newsletter during AGRF for each of the 5 days, blogs and partners’ briefs as well as provide editorial support for all Forum materials.
  • Develop, manage and implement social media plans for AGRF and all AGRF partners on all social media platforms.
  • Produce at least 15 talking points and speeches for all high level AGRF speakers.
  • Generate content for the AGRF website including sourcing content from the AGRF partners on a weekly basis.
  • Mobilize high level national, regional and international media including sponsored media to participate and cover the Forum.
  • Manage the media registration and accreditation.
  • Organize and coordinate press events including briefing the speakers, preparation of media packs and management of interviews, have at least 25 media interviews with one for each of the 14 partners
  • Organize at least 25 media interviews, 4 media briefing sessions and 3 field visits throughout the year in the lead-up to the Forum.
  • Create an online Media Press Room in advance and ensure it is always updated
  • Manage all live media coverage during the forum
  • The Africa Food Prize

AGRA hosts the secretariat of the Africa Food Prize that it manages in partnership with Yara International ASA (Yara), the EcoNet Foundation and Corteva AgriScience. This is a preeminent award that identifies and recognizes outstanding individuals or institutions that are driving agricultural transformation on the continent. Read more about the Africa Food Prize at:

The agency will:

  • Continue driving media coverage for the current laureate by organizing a minimum of 10 high level media engagements, providing briefing/speaking notes and speeches and generating media products including at least op-eds and placing them in high level media outlets.
  • Produce key communications collateral including 8 op-eds, brochures, newsletters, fact sheets and blogs as well as provide editorial support for all Prize materials.
  • Provide media and communications support to drive nominations for the next cycle.
  • Provide support in the conceptualization and development of audio-visual products including storyboard development, scripting and editing.
  • Manage the opening and closing of nominations, announcement and award ceremony of the next winner by organizing and managing at least 4 press conferences/events, preparing and distributing at least 8 press releases, and organizing 20 media interviews for the laureate and the Prize committee members.
  • Undertake weekly social media outreach for the Prize on all social media platforms.
  • Generate content for the Africa Food Prize website to be updated on a weekly basis.
  • Manage all live media coverage during the award ceremony

Key Launches and Other Opportunities

Support the production and launch of major AGRA knowledge products like the Africa Agriculture Status Report (AASR) including: development of key messages, press release(s), organizing and managing the launch press conference and related media interviews and media field visits 

Identify and secure strategic speaking roles and other outreach opportunities for AGRA specialists

Support the identification and enlisting of and engagement with strategic communications partners.

Lead the preparation of major speaking points, comprehensive briefing notes and speeches for AGRA’s management, experts and partners for use in outreach events.

Regular conference calls with the AGRA Communications Unit and updates into a shared work plan.

Provide Communications Support for the Launch of the Africa Agricultural Transformation Scorecard

Create awareness around the scorecard

Organize and hold working groups meetings with Tier 1 contacts

Develop a social media proposal and plan for pre-launch social media activity

Produce and place Op-eds by key personalities and leaders.

Organize and manage the launch event

Design and manage the AATS website

  • Duration:

The initial contract will be for six (6) months. This will be subject to renewal twice subject to satisfactory performance and availability of budget.