Request For Expressions Of Interest: Co- generation of knowledge briefs for the financial inclusion program (FISFAP) in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana

TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: Co- generation of knowledge briefs for the financial inclusion program (FISFAP) in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana.

AGRA aims to ensure that smallholder farmers have what they need to succeed: good seeds and healthy soils; access to markets, information, financing, storage and transport; and policies that provide them with comprehensive support. Through developing Africa’s high-potential breadbasket areas, while also boosting farm productivity across more challenging environments, AGRA works to transform smallholder agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, sustainable and competitive system, while protecting the environment.

AGRA has been supporting agricultural transformation interventions for the past 10 years. AGRA realizes that access to finance for smallholders is crucial for the implementation of the acquired knowledge. FISFAP is a MasterCard Foundation-funded program focusing on financial inclusion for smallholder farmers, whereby both AGRA and MCF are convinced that financial services only lead to agricultural productivity and income improvements if non-financial services are delivered along-side or as part of the financial solutions.

In the course of implementing the financial inclusion work under FISFAP, over 15 strategic partnerships have been developed in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. These partners have generated a lot of lessons and knowledge. These lessons have not been documented and converted into learning briefs. The aim of this call is to engage individual consultants who are going to work with the FISFAP program officers and the FISFAP partners to co – generate learning briefs which can be disseminated in form of blogs and knowledge papers.

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The expression of interest shall not exceed 8 pages.

Expressions of interest should be sent to  by 20th April 2018