COUNTRY: Burkina Faso, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania

Background AGRA supports SMEs in their inclusive growth and seeks to strengthen the private sector led ecosystem that does support SMEs in becoming bankable and investable for formal financiers. One of the elements of building that ecosystem is to introduce a common language through the use of a rating system that scores SMEs.
SCOPEinsight ( has developed a rating tool which is specifically targeting agricultural SMEs. The system is developed in such a way that private sector actors (consultants, accountants, NGOs) can offer the rating services under the quality control and certification of SCOPEinsight.
Objectives AGRA wants to test the SCOPEinsight assessment tools (the Basic and PRO tool) with different types of SMEs (input dealers, off-takers, processors) to understand how the rating can support AGRA’s partner SMEs and partner financial institutions in improving the effectiveness of business development services delivery and access to finance activities.

The services AGRA seeks to procure through this EoI are consultancy firms that are interested to:

1. Become a certified SCOPE assessor (meaning to invest USD 200 and time)
2. Conduct 2 to 3 SCOPE assessments in your country (each between 2-5 days of work)
3. Debrief with the SME and AGRA on the outcomes of the assessment and follow up plan
4. Draft and review report on each assessment
5. Document experiences in using the SCOPE tool for the different types of SMEs
6. Co-organize a workshop with the financial services providers in your country to exchange with them on the relevance of the SCOPE rating
7. Market the SCOPEinsight tool to other SMEs and financial institutions and provide feedback on that exercise

AGRA now invites eligible consultants (firms) to indicate their interest in providing these services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, general qualifications of key staff, and so forth). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. A maximum of six (6) qualified firms shall be shortlisted to provide detailed technical and financial proposals.
The expression of interest shall not exceed 10 pages. The detailed terms of references can be found on
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the email address provided below.
Expressions of interest must be sent to: by 31st October 2018 17.00 EAT.