Ensuring That African Farmers
Have Access to Markets

Market system development starts and ends in the output market place. It becomes necessary to partner with lead firms or anchor buyers that ensure that there is a sustained market pull that provide signals to the production systems including seed system, fertilizer supply chain, labor supply, land use, and the supply of supporting goods and services.

Market system development requires investment in analytics that identify drivers and leverage points that can unlock value along the supply and value chains while ensuring that incentives are enough to keep players engaged. Reliable analytics enable the facilitating the development of networks of industry actors including direct market players (producers and buyers), and suppliers of supporting goods and services such as providers of capital, technology, equipment, processors, mechanization service, entities that influence enabling environment (government, industry associations, business development service, and infrastructure providers). In addition, developing market systems requires leveraging resources and expertise and partnering with public and private institutions to scale up innovation and expand the usage of agricultural labor, capital, and technology (production possibility frontier).

AGRA strives to facilitate the development of market systems that are competitive, inclusive and resilient.