Process & Storage

Crop milling and storage that add value, reduce losses

Why process and storage?


Increasing access to processing equipment and reducing post-harvest losses allows smallholder farmers to participate in competitive, structured commodities markets where they can earn more money for their hard work and establish stronger commercial relationships with a larger circle of buyers.

acking adequate storage and processing options, African farmers routinely surrender 20 to 40 percent of their harvested crop to pests and spoilage.

What we’re doing

AGRA has developed partnerships across the region to develop market opportunities that will allow hard working farming families to lift themselves out of poverty by embracing farming as a business.

  • We work with smallholder farmers and local farming organizations to help them acquire basic processing equipment and affordable storage technology.
  • We reach out to farmers to help improve harvesting methods and acquire storage technology, such as the Purdue Improved Crop Storage or PICS bags and small metal silos.
  • We help farmer organizations establish communal storage facilities off the farm and invest in dryers and processing equipment.
  • We link processing technology with commercial opportunities, such as the portable cassava processing machine that enables smallholder farmers sell cassava to a major brewer.
  • We help farmers see the direct benefits of improved process and storage systems through projects that connect farmer organizations to large institutional buyers.