Policy and Strategic Partnerships

As the ‘Deal Maker,’ the Policy and Strategic Partnerships Division owns the Alliance as AGRA seeks to grow Africa’s prosperity and a uniquely African Green Revolution by creating collaborative and transformative partnerships. While other divisions may focus on working with government and grantees, this division leverages partnerships with a diverse array of actors, including but not limited to:


e.g., MasterCard Foundation, Bayer Crop Science, Yara International, Syngenta Crop Protection

Development Banks and Financial Institutions

e.g., World Bank, AfDB


e.g., World Food Programme,

This division operates with the understanding that agricultural transformation requires an integrated delivery approach across an ecosystem of partnerships (i.e., farmer-level, systems-level, and national-level). While various initiatives exist across the continent in the agricultural sector, there is a lack of integration and coordination of investments by governments, development partners, private sector, and implementing partners resulting in duplication and misalignment of partners. Accordingly, AGRA’s comparative advance enables the organization to be primed for facilitation and support strategic and systematic partnerships for true, catalytic transformation.

For meaningful and lasting change in African agriculture, AGRA invest in and partners with local organizations to ensure direct engagement of farmers, agribusinesses, and public sector institutions, laying the groundwork for economic growth. For example, AGRA and its partners are creating the conditions for smallholder farmer adoption of new inputs and practices by developing and strengthening systems and institutions that delivery technologies and impact at farm level. In practice, AGRA seeks to complement and leverage existing investments and not necessarily supplant and be in competition with other implementing partners. Accordingly, the integrated approach transcends AGRA’s programming and includes engagement across the agricultural ecosystem and partners.