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Policy and Advocacy

Legal and regulatory reforms that empower Africa’s family farmers

Why policy?


From trade policy to seed standards to targeted “smart” subsidies, government laws and regulations play a critical role in creating an enabling environment that allows smallholder farmers and local agriculture businesses to succeed.

Policy is often the X factor in African agriculture, as influential as rain in determining whether farmers succeed or fail, in the field and in the market.

What we’re doing

We work closely with national governments and international institutions like the African Union to discuss policies that can help tap the enormous potential of African agriculture to deliver a new level of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans.

  • We consult with national government and regional trade secretariats to create a common set of grades and standards for farm commodities than can open up new markets for smallholder farmers.
  • We advocate for seed policies that will give smallholder farmers a wider choice of high-quality, high-yield crop varieties.
  • We work in several countries to consider policies that can encourage the expansion of fertilizer production and distribution networks that serve smallholder farmers.

We consult frequently with government officials to ensure AGRA’s work aligns with national priorities and with their commitments to the African Union’s Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program or CAADP.