Agriculture is the most promising pathway to inclusive growth and poverty reduction. At AGRA, we believe in agricultural transformation that is driven by participation of all actors; that is informed by understanding of and being responsive to the needs of women, youth and smallholder farmers.

Our activities towards this inclusivity are geared towards ensuring country structures, systems and networks that:

  • Understand and address specific needs of women, men, youth, smallholder farmers and food-poor populations
  • Foster equitable participation for women, men and youth
  • Confer benefits equitably
  • Ensure accountability for shared prosperity

Our Objectives:


To enhance women’s equitable access to agricultural resources and share of benefits from agricultural transformation (GenderInAg)


To enhance employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth in agriculture through profitable business models and technology driven opportunities in agriculture (YouthInAg)


To support public policies, strategies and investments to reinforce equity of opportunities in agriculture while enhancing accountability and shared prosperity for the food-poor (InclusivityInAg)

What we are doing to achieve inclusivity:

  • We are increasing performance of women farmers and agricultural SMEs by addressing gendered constraints
  • We are unleashing entrepreneurial capacity of youth to transform agriculture and increase employment
  • We are enhancing accountability for shared prosperity for disadvantaged smallholder farmers and food poor.

We increase performance of women by:

  • Supporting systems to increase women farmers’ access to inputs, finance and extension services, digital services and technology.
  • Growing women’s agribusinesses through access to business capital, social capital and knowledge capital, digital and technology services.
  • Improving access to regional and global markets through access to market information and trade finance.
  • Amplifying voice and advocacy through inclusive evidence‐based policies and incentives, through representation, structures and networks.

VALUE4HERConnect is a pioneer platform that is expanding the presence of women-owned agro-businesses by providing a centralized source of resources such as financing, social and knowledge capital. Through the digital platform, members have an opportunity to share information on new national, regional and international markets and to acquire the capital, business and technical resources required to support their growing businesses. It is a valuable database for a diverse group of sustainable agriculture-oriented partners seeking women business partners to fund, trade with, procure and source from.

VALUE4HERConnect also provides information about agribusiness events, exhibitions and conferences on the continent and internationally, and offers selected publications and blogs to provide women agripreneurs with useful information about developments in the African agribusiness ecosystem.

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