AGRA’s role in digital ag is to be a leader, convener, partner, coordinator and catalyst in integrating digital excellence and accelerating improvement of farmer livelihoods.  AGRA does this by meeting market needs, being aligned with partners, donors and clients, being additive with impact, value, and partnerships, and being actionable in thinking big, starting small, scaling fast, and using proven approaches.  

AGRA facilitates an ecosystem for impact for key actors across the value chain – with farmers at the center to improve their income and livelihoods.   

The gaps in the digital landscape for small holder farmers can be improved through synergies in service of large‐scale, strategic value chain transformation. AGRA plays a role in scaling increasing digital solutions. AGRA is coordinating and delivering to small holder farmers innovative, market driven integration of scaled solutions. 

AGRA Digital Strategy

AGRA has a unique ability to drive digital impact through direct engagement with Governments and small holder farmers.  Our ability to catalyze and bring together the African community takes digital solutions to the last mile where farmers realize the benefits. AGRA’s digital strategy is to promote digital as an enabler to connect agriculture ecosystems, sustainably integrating Governments, Markets and Villages in the service of strategic value chains. 

Key Achievements

Solutions in digital finance, digital extension, e-commerce, and e-vouchers for seeds, fertilizer and insurance:

E-vouchers for seeds, fertilizer and insurance (Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique).

Microsoft Africa – piloting KuzaBot in Kenya to reach 22,000 SHFs and supporting AGRA grantees with revamping their digital platforms.

At the country level, digital programs deliver a broad spectrum of services including:  

  • Market pricing information 
  • Farmer Group Finance and Farmer Management (Kenya).  
  • A farmer sourcing  dashboard (Rwanda with Kumwe/IBM).  
  • Digital Farmer Registration (Nigeria and Ghana).  
  • A crop breeding seed certification platform (Uganda/Makerere University).  
  • Outcome based budgeting and Measurement system (Burkina Faso).  
  • Comprehensive national agriculture digital strategy (Kenya).  

In Nigeria, AGRA digitally supported integrating the commodity exchange as well as digitally enabled aggregation and warehousing program to promote regional trade.

Focus Countries Operational Plans