Agriculture is the single greatest opportunity to deliver inclusive economic growth, jobs, and health to the African continent. No region in the world has built a modern economy without first strengthening its agricultural sector.

Rapidly rising demand for food, fueled by population and income growth, provides major opportunities for agri-food systems to accelerate employment creation, boost continental trade, strengthen resilience, and transform African economies. The value of Africa’s food market is projected to increase from US$313 billion in 2010 to US$1 trillion in 2030.

Working with African governments, private sector, civil society institutions and development partners in the African agricultural landscape, AGRA is committed to catalyze agricultural transformation needed to accelerate the achievement of the Malabo Declaration commitments and related indicators from the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), the Sustainable Development Goals, and Africa’s Agenda 2063.

Through its AGRA Corporate Strategy 2017-2021, AGRA works to catalyze and sustain inclusive agriculture transformation in Africa and to support countries on a pathway to attain and sustain agriculture transformation. 

In support of this goal, AGRA is mobilizing at least $500 million in a five year period to:

Directly increase incomes and improve food security for 9 million farm households as a direct result of the activities of AGRA, its grantees and partners, to increase productivity and access to markets and finance

Contribute to increasing incomes and improved food security of another 21 million farm households through strengthening the capacities of governments and the private sector, and through the indirect contributions of AGRA, grantees and partners to policies, programs, and partnerships that increase productivity and access to markets and finance

Support 11 focus countries to attain and sustain inclusive agricultural transformation

The AGRA strategy is delivered through three mutually reinforcing intervention areas:

The focus is on strengthening target African governments’ ability to plan, deliver and measure results, ensuring that there exists right policies and policy regulatory environment for agricultural transformation, and strengthening markets for regional food trade. Learn More

The focus is on improving farm productivity, value chain integration, access to markets and boosted resilience at systems and farmer-level. Investments in this area seek to strengthen systems in order to boost inputs and markets access for farming households. They also build country and local private sector capability to scale systems and technology Learn More

Our work on partnership development aims to create stronger alignment between different actors within the stakeholder landscape. This involves aligning government priorities and private sector interest and creating synergies among value chain actors in order to increase our impact. Our efforts are designed to improve the integration and coordination of investments and mobilize private sector support for local farmers, agribusinesses and public sector institutions.

We recognize the existence of other partners whose focus is on similar value chains so as to complement each other. We believe that our strategic vision can only be achieved through strong partnerships with other players. Learn More