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Our Approach


All of our work is done with smallholder farmers in mind—and they face many challenges. When we address all of these challenges at once, farmers quickly cross a threshold. Production improves and, with a dependable place to profit from their surplus, their hard-earned progress is sustained without outside help.


AGRA is an alliance led by Africans with roots in farming communities across the continent. We understand that African farmers need uniquely African solutions designed to meet their specific environmental and agricultural needs so they can sustainably boost production and gain access to rapidly growing agriculture markets.


AGRA invests in our continent’s family farmers—millions of hardworking men and women typically farming on less than a hectare of land. They are the heart of African agriculture, our economies and our future.


All of AGRA’s work is conducted through partnerships—with farmers, farmer organizations, community leaders, agricultural researchers, national and local governments, businesses, civil society groups, philanthropies, international organizations and donor countries.

Knowledge Culture

AGRA is a thought leader influencing and inspiring the trust of leaders, donors and partners to model better ways to implement, deliver and account for sustainable development in Africa.

Catalytic Role

AGRA is a partner of choice, the go-to-partner for agricultural transformation for sustainable development in Africa. We are sought after for our technical and innovative approaches.