Established in 2006, AGRA is an African-led and Africa-based institution that puts smallholder farmers at the center of the continent’s growing economy by transforming agriculture from a solitary struggle to survive into farming as a business that thrives. Together with our partners, we are working to sustainably grow Africa’s food systems.

AGRA strengthens seed systems, develops and promotes sustainable farming practices, helps unlock trade and markets, and supports governments who lead their countries’ development. We work with farmers to adapt to climate change, increase soil health, and protect the environment. AGRA believes deeply in the urgency of reducing the inequality that women face in agriculture, and to unlocking the power and innovation of youth. More information:

Country/Region or Unit Strategy of AGRA

AGRA Ethiopia Strategy (2023-2027) will be implemented using a mix of delivery approaches partnering with in-country technical partners, national government institutions, the private sector as well as a consortium of service providers with experience of effectively supporting agriculture and food system transformation in Ethiopia. AGRA aims to reach 2.2 million smallholder farmers in Ethiopia under its 2023-2027 strategy period of which at least 30% are women.

Interventions will be implemented through the following four complementary and integrated business lines: Seed Systems, Sustainable Farming, Inclusive Markets and Trade, and Policy and State Capability.