About AGRA

AGRA and its Work

AGRA is an African-led institution that actively supports the drive towards inclusive agricultural transformation and sustainable food systems. We do this by empowering the continent’s 33 million smallholder farming households to transform their agriculture from a struggle to survive to profitable businesses. The continent’s farmers regularly face challenges, and we aspire to provide uniquely African solutions that respond to their agricultural and environmental challenges, leading to increased harvests for reduced hunger and more income.

Working in alignment with the development priorities of our focus countries, we enable farmers to access improved and high-yielding seeds, gain knowledge on sustainable farming, and linkages to profitable markets.

In our work, we aspire to build the alliances, partnerships, and networks required to drive an inclusive agricultural transformation. We work with our partners to create an equitable youth-friendly environment that harnesses the youth dividend on the continent to drive growth and facilitate open employment opportunities for young women and men. We achieve our key objectives through a focus on the following four areas of intervention:

Policy and state capability – We support governments in creating an enabling environment for private sector involvement in agricultural transformation.

Seed systems – We trigger higher productivity by increasing the availability and access to improved seeds by farmers allowing them to increase their harvests for food security and better incomes.

Sustainable farming – We support farmers in building resilient farming systems for sustained high yields through interventions such as mechanization and irrigation.

Inclusive markets and trade – We work to increase the linkages between farmers, and other market actors for a positive, sustained cycle of commercialization and reinvestment.

AGRA’s 2030 Strategy

The continent has, in recent years, taken steps towards inclusive agricultural transformation resulting in notable improvements in food security, with clear progress across all AGRA’s focus countries. However, with over 20% of Africans still suffering from hunger, we need to accelerate our progress and mitigate against the growing external pressures of conflict and climate on our food systems.

AGRA 2022-2030 Strategic Framework (SF2030) demonstrates our long-term vision for how we intend to contribute to, and align with, global and continental priorities, applying a food systems lens towards the goals of zero hunger, improved nutrition, an end to poverty, and climate adaptation. We have split our Strategic Framework 2030 into two 5-year strategies so that we have a clear mid-way point to evaluate progress and re-route our strategic focus if necessary. Our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan sets out to catalyze the growth of sustainable food systems across Africa by influencing and leveraging partners to build a robust enabling environment where the private sector thrives, and smallholders are empowered to produce sufficient, healthy food.

AGRA’s Vision

To contribute to a food system-inspired inclusive agricultural transformation across Africa, to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and adapt to climate.

AGRA’s Mission

To catalyze the growth of sustainable food systems across Africa by influencing and leveraging partners to build a robust enabling environment where private sector thrives, and smallholder farmers are empowered to produce sufficient, healthy food.

AGRA’s Strategy

  • Empowering and building the resilience of small holder farmers
  • Supporting the development of inclusive markets and finance to strengthen agricultural systems.
  • Strengthening state capability to sustain agricultural transformation.

Implementing Our New Strategy Through People

AGRA is at the threshold of a new chapter where we begin implementing our new strategy of catalyzing inclusive, resilient and sustainable agricultural transformation. At AGRA we believe Agriculture is the single greatest opportunity to deliver inclusive economic growth, jobs, and health to the African continent.

People are the heart of our organisation and remain the true drivers of our delivery and our impact.

We are excited about a new fit-for-purpose organizational structure that is largely driven by an ambition to enhance collaboration across teams and drive sustainable growth. We have therefore purposed more focus on delivery of country programs within the new strategy giving even greater attention to optimising existing talent in addition to upscaling technical and operational resources.

We work with incredible people and partners who have roots in farming communities across the continent combined with an inclusive and diverse workforce from over 24 nationalities. Our values of (I-RISE; Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Stewardship and Equity) espouse our commitment to a call to action to go beyond ourselves as we arise and transform Africa’s Agriculture.

We are looking for people who are passionate about Africa, curious and collaborative to join our innovative, growing, and multidisciplinary team. Together, we can grow Africa’s food systems improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Want to join us?

The Opportunity

Head – Partnership & Advocacy

Role purpose

Established in 2006, the Africa Food Systems Forum – AGRF is the world’s premier forum for African agriculture, bringing together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward. The Forum is a multi-sector platform comprising of 26 partners leading in African agriculture all focused on putting farmers at the centre of the continent’s growing economies. Initially established as the “African Green Revolution Conference” in 2006, AGRF has continued to evolve over the years. At the highest strategic level, the Forum is the premier platform for supporting the continental agricultural agenda, and it will measure progress in alignment with the African Union’s leadership by reviewing data of the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) Biennial Review. The Forum will review Biennial Review indicators and data to understand which countries and regions and which sub-sectors of the agricultural system are improving over time and which need more focus, and the AGRF’s programmatic focus and platforms will structure their content to respond and continue to drive progress most helpfully.

AGRF’s mission is to inform influence and catalyze has focused on six strategic objectives:

Agenda Setting – AGRF serves as a platform for identifying, defining, and driving national-, regional, and continental-level priorities to accelerate progress by a broad cross-section of stakeholders through a shared vision and coordination.

Evidence-based Policy Reform – AGRF advocates and promotes evidence-based policy reforms to unlock the growth potential across the continent through agricultural transformation.

Investment Facilitation & Finance – AGRF builds and advances the pipeline of agri-investment opportunities across the continent to unlock new private sector investments at all levels – small, medium, and large.

Knowledge Sharing & Learning – AGRF shares strategies, approaches, tools, and insights about what works and what does not work to inform prioritization, replication, and scaling where appropriate.

Partnership Development & Coordiation – AGRF facilitates efforts to forge and advance working relationships across an array of AGRF stakeholders to best achieve all other objectives and ensure that the community is best driving a coherent vision with effective and efficient use of resources.

Leadership cultivation – AGRF works with partners to identify, support, and cultivate the next generation of leaders for agricultural transformation at various levels.

Accountability – AGRF works with partners to track and share progress and results of political, policy, and financing commitments made by partners over the years.

Under the direct supervision of the Managing Director, Africa Food Systems Forum (AGRF) , The Head – Partnership & Advocacy provides strategic leadership on continental and global engagement, partnerships (including with the host the Government of Rwanda, other countries, the private sector, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations), and on driving the resource mobilization efforts with traditional and non-traditional donors and partners.

The head of partnership will also support year-round activities including South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) and advocacy.  He/she will support the strategic management and proactive implementation of the Forum, driving components of the AGRF work plan and action agenda to deliver on the Forum’s strategy and ensure it continuously strengthens its position as the premier platform for Africa’s agricultural agenda.

Role Summary

The Head Partnership & Advocacy will lead the process of identifying and exploring potential options for funding, strengthen the financial sustainability of AGRF and its operations through vibrant resource development effort, striking healthy financial ratios, and effective budget administration. Act as an active liaison with relevant internal stakeholders within AGRA and external stakeholders on specific thematic areas of strategic relevance for partnership and global policy development.

She/he works with the Managing Director (MD) of AGRF and other team members to ensure thematic platforms are delivering on the multi-year strategic vision and action plans of the Forum. S/he is also responsible in supporting the MD of AGRF for ongoing communications, and resource mobilization around the platform to ensure it maximizes its impact and is fully funded, working in coordination with AGRA’s Development Cooperation units as appropriate.

Key Measures of Performance

The performance of this role holder will be assessed on the basis of the achievements made on:

  • Promoting, Advocating and Communicating AGRF Priorities.
  • Developing and implementing the forum Partnership Strategy.
  • Managing Strategic, Policy and Technical Expertise of Global Policy Engagement, SSTC, Replenishment, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy.
  • Partnership management.
  • Optimal identification of opportunities and thereafter resourcing them with intelligence and organizational inputs.
  • Financial leverage achieved with program teams for resources into priority countries and AGRA plans.
  • Maintenance of strong relationships with donors to maximize value of partnerships and ensure a strong position for future reinvestment and/or supplemental funds.
  • The strategic nature and quality of AGRF’s advocacy, communications, and thought leadership.
  • Managerial Functions.
  • Establish and nurture collaboration with the 26 AGRF partners and new partners – key result being to ensure greater visibility and influence for AGRF in support of its mission.
  • Development of a partnership strategy under the new AGRF strategic plan 2023-2027 and lead on its implementation.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Purpose – Manage Integrated Processes

  • Designs, implements, and coordinates an institution-wide, comprehensive donor relations and stewardship system that fosters positive and mutually rewarding relations between AGRA and its donors.
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement, and performance optimization across all program development processes, as well as use of tools and systems that support that, in close collaboration with Program and operations teams to embed key tools and practices in the donor’s relationship management and retention.
  • Driving and tracking progress on activities for the implementation of Thematic Platforms and Thematic Working Groups.
  • Develops and consolidates AGRF’s knowledge management system and knowledge products.
  • Work with AGRF Communications and service providers on key communications and advocacy deliverables and routine newsletters.
  • Engages and steward’s relationships with other institutions with whom AGRA wishes to jointly bid for funding opportunities.
  • Advises and build capacity of country and regional teams on strategic engagement with donors.

Engagement – Align

  • In collaboration with the Head/Coordinator of Thematic Platform, the Partnership Officer – Deal Rooms, and the Senior Communication Officer, will support the AGRF advocacy work relations with governments, financial institutions, and civil society, or vis-à-vis relations with high level committees/organizational relations.
  • Develop pitches and support outreach to potential AGRF partners and sponsors.
  • Secure new partnerships that strengthen the Forum and its long-term financial sustainability.
  • Leads compliance with AGRF Partner contracts and prepare and submit deliverables to Partners as required.
  • Enables talent management and development of existing staff, acquiring of new staff as necessary and manages team dynamics to ensure high-performance and positive employee experience.
  •  Communicates results through presentations, written and verbal communication.

Delivery – Sustain Service

  • Collaborate with the managing Director, AGRF on annual work plan development, monitoring, and updates during the year.
  • Collaborate with the Managing Director, AGRF, Finance, and the Development Cooperation Unit on overall budget forecasting and updates to Management.
  • Contributes to co-creation of programs and developing scaling models, that will better position AGRA to development partners.

Model the IRISE Values & Be a Culture Carrier

  • Integrity: Uphold moral convictions and always doing the right thing.
  • Respect: Value differences and embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • Innovation: Strive for excellence and embracing continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change.
  • Stewardship: Be responsible for actions undertaken and resources entrusted.
  • Equity: Be governed by fairness in all undertakings.


Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in International Development, Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Public Finance, Public Administration, Rural Development, Social Sciences, or any other relevant field.
  • Fluency in English; Knowledge of French will be an advantage.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Experienced donor development and resource mobilization, funding proposal designing expert with a superior track record of success serving international development organizations.
  • Results-oriented, accountable, proactive, and able to work on behalf of AGRA with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Ability to work effectively within multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Optimistic and persuasive on AGRA’s strategic approach to solving for challenges impeding agriculture transformation.
  • Ability to translate program-based concepts into practical realities

Relevant Experience

  • High-level experience in international development with demonstrable success in resource mobilization with large multilateral or bilateral agencies or trusts and foundations or private sector donors
  • Proven experienced resource mobilization and donor management expert with a superior track record of success serving international development organizations.

Key Competencies

  • Strategic Orientation: Focus on the big picture and overall Strategic Framework. Ability to identify and pursue strategic initiatives which provide the greatest value and sustainable impact; balances long and short-term trade-offs; communicates clearly and precisely the strategic goals and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Leadership: Demonstrates ability to mobilize, focus, align, and build effective groups to enable them to conceptualize and achieve collective objectives.  Inspires trust and passion in the AGRA Mission: Ability to show great drive and commitment to AGRA mission; help others understand how their daily work contributes to the AGRA’s mission and inspires others to proactively meet the AGRA’s strategic objectives in partnership with key partners, grantees, and Country Governments. Maintains high standards of personal integrity and provides support for professional development efforts linked to business objectives.
  • Grantees and market Orientation: Demonstrates knowledge of the grantees they serve and the regulatory environment. Provides a balanced a responsive and proactive approach to meeting grantee and partner needs; encourages staff to understand grantee and partner needs and concerns; Adds business value based on own understanding and support of the grantees and the market in which they operate.
  • Driving Results: Demonstrates drive for improvement of business results, based on well-rounded understanding of general business principles and own activities’ commercial and financial implications.
  • Planning and Organizing: Devises plans of action with explicit paths and measures of accomplishment for self and/or others and allocates suitable resources so that objectives are achieved. Strong administration skills.
  • Technical Competencies for the position: Demonstrates knowledge of all own work role specific issues. This encompasses the technical skills or knowledge required to perform the essential duties as described in this Job Description. Specific technical competencies: quantitative analytical skills including use of appropriate software, results-based management systems, designing tools and strategies for data collection, analysis, and production of reports
  • Accuracy and attention to detail: High level of accuracy, attention to detail and thoroughness. Ability to maintain a timely and efficient workflow.
  • Managing Resources: Demonstrates the ability to plan and use resources (people and/or finance and/or physical assets) in accordance with AGRA guidelines and delegated accountability so that objectives are achieved in the most effective manner possible.
  • Coaching and Developing Staff: A demonstrated capacity for working effectively within multi-disciplinary teams for collective success and provide effective coaching and encourage appropriate development activities in order to support staff in identifying and meeting their training and development needs.
  • Communication and Interpersonal relations: Exceptional communication skills and ability to represent AGRA externally at high levels. Demonstrates ability to maintain lasting, healthy, and effective one-to-one working relationships with colleagues, suppliers, customers, professional peers, etc.
  • Intercultural Sensitivity and Effectiveness: Demonstrates ability to cross and bridge different racial, cultural, gender or business cultures. This requires and is exhibited by personal experience of international or cross-cultural business with improved achievements.
  • Teamwork: Demonstrates productive drive in working with peers, partners, consultants, and others to achieve pre-targeted and measurable business results

Terms of Appointment

3 Years Fixed Term (Consideration for renewal will be made subject to AGRA’s needs, available funding and performance).


Based in Kigali, Rwanda with frequent travel, approximately 40% per month/year.

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form below on or before 07 September 2023. In addition, we encourage you to please attach a copy of the most recent English version of your CV.

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

SRI Executive is exclusively retained by AGRA to undertake this assignment.