Fadel Ndiame speaks to Radio Côte d’Ivoire about AGRF 2017

In an interview with Radio Côte d’Ivoire, AGRA’s West Africa Regional Head, Fadel Ndiame, presented the challenges of the Forum on the Green Revolution in Africa (AGRF) and especially the choice Organization of the forum in Abidjan.

“The main objective is to bring together in a room, in a city, the main protagonists of agriculture, from Heads of State, investors, ministers, producers, entrepreneurs, to have a very frank discussion about the conditions to be put in place so that African agriculture realizes its potential, “he answers to a question on the stakes of the Forum.

Mr. Ndiame recalled that the 7th edition of AGRF is the very first that will be held, from 04 to 08 September, in a French-speaking country.

For him, the choice of Côte d’Ivoire is a recognition that the agricultural potential of the country is recognized and colossal. “The coffee-cocoa partnership has given Côte d’Ivoire the means to generate a lot of values and to invest in the economy, to create infrastructures, to educate the Ivorians and to start the economy “he explained.

For AGRA’s Regional Director for West Africa, things that have been done well with coffee and cocoa have to be consolidated and expanded to benefit all agriculture. “This is only possible with an agricultural policy and as a leadership that Côte d’Ivoire has shown,” he said.

Mr Ndiame said that the way in which agriculture was put at the center of the economy and the way it is managed by the various ministries, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, ‘Ivoire, the champion who can bring the voice of an inclusive agricultural transformation capable of creating jobs and enable us to achieve the goals, sustained food security.

“The Green Revolution is a meaningful transformation of agriculture which results in much higher yields for small producers, the ability to generate surplus production that can be processed and sold on the market for more income. The notion of revolution is used to dramatize the qualitative and quantitative change in productivity theme”, explained the Regional Director.

“The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is an African international organization whose main vocation is to support agriculture, especially small-scale agriculture, to ensure that producers are not just tradition, it is not a track record but it is a lucrative, profitable activity, “he said.

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